Extra Cashback When You Shop Online with ShopBack, Why Not?

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When comes to talk about Shop Online, I mean, who hasn't done even 1 time? If its not you, I'm sure you will at least have 1 friend who do a lot of shopping online, isn't it? :) We can't deny that things have become easier and easier nowadays with internet!

Shopping online doesn't just give you the convenience at your own, but many times, you will get a lot of great deals too! But this time, I am going to share with you about ShopBack, and how you can Shop online and Earn cashback!

If you've been following my social media accounts, you might notice that I travel a lot, and yes I know you've been wondering about my travel stories and experiences, but did you know that I get paid with all the online booking such as hotel and flight? Yes, you read it right! It's an EXTRA cash that I earn from my online booking! :)

So, how it works?

The process is simple and transparent. When a shopper makes a successful transaction on any online store that is linked from ShopBack’s platform, the merchant who gains from the purchase will give a commission to ShopBack. Thereafter, ShopBack will return a cut of its commission back to the shopper.

Best part of the deal? Cashback is given to the shopper on top of all existing discounts and credit card rebates, which means that shopper gets to save even more! To retrieve the cashback, shopper can choose to transfer to either the shopper’s preferred local bank account. 

As easy as only 3 steps :

STEP 1: Take your pick from over 500 online merchants on ShopBack.

After you have created a ShopBack account, you will be able to browse through the site’s wide selection of merchants. Surf and satiate your shopping needs from the various categories – Fashion, Travel, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Lifestyle and others. 

STEP 2: Get redirected to the merchant’s website.

Once you have picked a store, simply click on “Shop now” to be redirected to the store’s official website. From there, just perform your usual shopping ritual and make your purchase on the merchant’s site. 

STEP 3: Earn cashback.
Once payment is made on the merchant’s site, your cashback will automatically be added to your ShopBack account within a few days. Once redeemable, the cash can in turn be “cashed out” via transfer to your local bank account. 

That's how easy it is to get PAID while you shop online! :) WAIT NO MORE, Sign Up now and find out more about travel deals :

Click HERE to Sign Up for a free account and start earning Extra Cash! :)

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