8 Great Pubs & Restaurants in Changkat, Kuala Lumpur.

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Whenever you think about dancing, drinking, partying or chilling at a bar in Kuala Lumpur, there's no other place like Changkat in Bukit Bintang could gives you such nightlife!

A busy street that comes alive at night, lined with plenty of restobars, nightclubs, lounges, whisky bars, and lively Irish pubs. Besides of the party-goers, foodie lovers will enjoy gourmet food, precious wine and celebrate the intimacy of socializing at the dinner table!

Well on this post, I am going to introduce about the 8 Great Pubs & Restaurants in Changkat that I'd experienced before, and I think that I should share this amazing experiences of mine with all of you :)

1) Nagaba

Nagaba is a multi-space venue with something for everyone offering a wine lounge on the ground floor, club on 1st floor and Rooftop Mojito Bar.

A lovely bar set in a beautiful colonial-style terrace, especially loving the Rooftop Mojito Bar! The must-try food here is their specialties hamburgers, here's my order of "Fat Basterd".
You can even build your own burger with 4 simple steps : Choice of Bun, Choice of Patty, Choice of Topping and Add-On Cheese.

Following by is the SIX(6) F&B concepts under The Werner’s Group : Opium KL, Dining In The Dark KL, El Cerdo, Black Forest, The Steakhouse KL and The Whisky Bar KL, all conveniently located few steps from each other.

2) Opium KL

Opium features oriental cuisine and food such as Dim Sum, Fern Leaf Salad, Crispy Duck Noodles, Angus Beef Rendang, and the signature Beef Brisket & Tendon Stew just to name a few. Its slogan, Eat Drink Man Woman takes a more subtle approach to distinguish Opium KL as the must visit places for people to unwind. The Concept is rounded off by featuring their creative cocktail bar that takes on classic recipes and transforming them into their own creations.

More details - Here.

3) Dining In The Dark KL

Been seeing this Dining In The Dark restaurant concept on Korean Variety Shows, finally, it is here in the heart of Malaysia, at Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur! Travel no further to experience this unique gastronomic journey. Dining In The Dark KL, the very first of its kind in Malaysia welcomes you to a unique and memorable dining experience.

Say "NO" to anti-social, say "NO" to gadgets but only real conversations! Dine and feel the environment in a total DARKNESS. Believe me, when I say its total darkness and I mean it! :)

More details - Here.

4) El Cerdo

El Cerdo specializes in home-cooked pork flavours from all over the world like Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. This highly popular restaurant at Changkat Bukit Bintang is the result of perfected pork cooking that took 9 years in the making. Chef Werner Kuhn, has spent days and nights nurturing his baby and now has grown to become the best porky pork restaurant Kuala Lumpur has to offer. Recommended dishes such as crispy pork knuckle or Spanish Paella since everyone who has tried it has come back for more! So strap up because you’re in for a super delicious porky ride!

More details - Here.

5) Black Forest

Featuring various beers on tap such as Kirin, Paulaner, Guinness, Tiger, Heineken and Tiger White, as well as the true German schnapps of different flavours, Black Forest is definitely keen on sharing with you the German taste while you relax and unwind with your pals or associates. If you prefer your regular pint of German beer, do not worry as there are also the usual imported goods – Franziskaner, Erdinger, Warsteiner and other beverages like cocktails to wine or simply juices to water, are also available for non-drinker. If you are looking for a place to celebrate Oktoberfest, here it is!

More details - Here.

6) The Steakhouse KL

The Steakhouse is a 40-seater steak joint along Changkat Bukit Bintang. The beef is imported from Australia and you can choose between the aged Black Angus and grain fed. The main dish in The Steakhouse KL namely ‘Steak’ comes with big portion of tender meat. A steak meal includes side dishes and served with the ‘Soup of the day'. The Steakhouse KL is highly recommended on Tripadvisor and rated top 10 out of 2554 restaurants in Klang Valley.

More details - Here.

7) The Whisky Bar KL

“Water of Life”, “Brown Gold”, “Sunshine held together by water”. Whatever you name it, if you are craving for the golden spirit make your way to the Whisky Bar at Changkat Bukit Bintang. The current selection includes about 600 labels from around the world. They stock the rarest single malt & scotch as well as Irish whiskey, Japanese Whisky and American bourbon, from the rarest single malts and exquisite blends to all-time favorites!

More details - Here.

8) Forbidden City KL

Located just above Opium, it is the first purpose built live music venue at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Being affiliated with other establishments of the Werner’s Group. They offer the opportunity to have a "Music Dinner". After a delectable 3 Course Set Dinner, you can also join the Jazz Club to witness KL’s best live music accompanied by a glass of Spanish Cava!

More details - Here.

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  1. I never heard any of these places before. But i like the Forbidden City KL concept

  2. Great suggestions of places to go. I have to admit that i love NAGOBA the most. A really nice place to chill and enjoy the evening.

  3. I used to go to clubs and bars a lot when I was about your age... now I am older, don't go anymore... hahahah... so all I know is Beach Club, Hard Rock Cafe and Modestos...

  4. very nice restaurants there. but as I know they are very expensive too.