The story of me, I read a book.

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I nearly couldn't believe that I was so into reading recently that I've done reading a over 300 pages book within just 6 days! Amazing. Big achievement for myself. Round of applause. For the moment of enjoying my imagination towards the story while reading, I've totally put aside this little girl in me who hates reading a lot back then in school time. Ha~

My mom would have been so grateful to see me holding a book back then, but I am grateful enough for being naughty during school time, because that was the best kept memories made in my childhood, stay in and forever in my heart, and that's what makes me to be myself as of today isn't it :)

What took me so long to finally pick up a book and start reading, a book with a title that attracts my attention! Basic rules. Just like picking up a magazine with an interesting cover page. The more I flip through the pages, the more I wanted to know about the content.

My first book ever after school - 'The Longest Way Home' by Andrew McCarthy. Talking about one man's quest for the courage to settle down. Talking about the same feeling I had in me to think about settling down. Have I enjoy long enough to finally settle down? Or did I ever really enjoy my life just yet? Well it's clearly still a very long journey for me down in my life.

I really do enjoy listening to other people's life stories a lot, perhaps that's why I love traveling around meeting new people and friends and learning about their backgrounds. It definitely makes me a good listener :) I keep secrets, a lot.

And for now, I've taken myself to the next level of reading other people's life stories. It's interesting. They're interesting. They make mistakes, they were lost and found and indeed, it costs some pain in live. Andrew McCarthy's adventurous travels were his pathway home, going out of the house to find his courage to show up himself in the wedding, and learning about how much he'd loved his fiancee and kids when he was out in some continent on earth without knowing whether he could go home safely or not.

He's been there, done that, married and divorced and engaged and then married. He was totally a bastard, and then he was the only man for the wife and a father for the kids. He works for what he likes, he travels to find inspirations, he met peoples and make friends, and learn every new damn thing he could from them. 

When all you could think of is the courage to settle down, but all you needed was to meet one right person in your life. 

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