Mazzo Fine Dining in Publika Solaris Dutamas.

8:59:00 PM

Mazzo, located in Publika, is a mid-range restaurant that offers Korean, Japanese and Italian cuisine which to meet the different taste buds of everyone. 

The owner puts in a lot of effort in every detail of the restaurant, from furniture to interior design, a well-trained chef to the details and presentation of food & drinks. Mazzo's commitment to provide authentic Korean and Japanese Royal Cuisine with a mix of Italian makes it the ideal choice for connoisseurs and foodies alike! 

Even the washrooms are decorated in a very exclusive style!

As the five star kitchen will serve you the absolute best from these renowned cuisines, I would like to  introduce you to Chef Ted all the way from Korea, enriched with many years of culinary experience from around the world.

At Mazzo, their cooking methods are traditional but with a modern twist. You can expect to be served only fresh, natural, high quality ingredients without artificial ingredients like MSG. Master Chef Ted would personally hand pick his ingredients daily. The dished are so natural as he uses fresh fruits chosen daily from the market to replace sugar used in his dishes. From that, you can be assured to be served amazingly fresh and delicious food!

 Cajun Chicken Salad
A very tender and juicy fried chicken serves with salad, my favourite of all!
 Pane Cream Pasta
Served in hollowed bread, creamy yet so light and perfect on the tastebud.
 Spicy Chicken Bite and Mazzo Garlic Chicken
What I love the most about this is its boneless chicken bite, you can even request the spicy level of the fried chicken.
 Tempura Prawn
Fried with a combination of the flours with correct proportion, makes it crispy to bite.
 Mazzo Hamburger Steak
Handmade beef steak mixed with onion, naturally sweetened with fruits extract, served with rice and egg.
 Marinated Grilled Bulgogi
Beef sirloin with Korean seasonings, taste like BBQ sauce but its a tomato ketchup instead.
 Boiled Red Sniper
Red sniper stew boiled in spicy sauce, its a little spicy for those who can't really take spicy, the taste is like our local "Asam Pedas".
Freshly made Banana Shake

Mazzo Fine Dining is the ideal place for the finest fusion of Korean, Japanese and Italian cuisine with the price range from RM 50 - RM 200. They have a tastefully appointed VIP room as well as a casual dining area for your preference. You should definitely indulge yourself with an exclusive fine dining experience here!

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  1. The egg is really cute!!! Love the detailing.

  2. This really really looks amazing! Will try it once I'm back home! Thanks :)

  3. Food looks amazing, will surely try

  4. Looks like you enjoy yourself with the food. Making me so hungry now!. I love the concept of the restaurant.

  5. Their food looks really tempting and delicious! Especially their cajun chicken salad, healthy and nutrition enough :P

  6. great place to dine. Shall ask my friends when free to go dine :D

  7. The food looks delicious. Looks like a great place for me to dine-in with my children.

  8. Hi there, would like to know the price range. Is it really expensive? Everything looks so fancy but delicious!