Is Milk Healthy For Breakfast?

10:51:00 AM

I believe that everyone kicks start their day in the morning with different beverages, well many of my friends need a daily morning dose of coffee, and some of them had tea instead. Having dairy products in the morning might not be a favourite for most of the Malaysian, as its more popular in the western country, however, for myself, I am not a must-drink coffee or tea person in the morning, but honestly, I had dairy product for my breakfast especially milk and yogurt!

Do you know that studies have shown that milk is the elixir our bodies need at breakfast? And did you know that 49% of Malaysian children do not get enough calcium in their diets? Even Malaysian adults did not reach 50% of the recommended nutrient intake?

We all know that breakfast is important as it helps the body regulate itself after an overnight fast, and having a glass of Dutch lady PureFarm milk in the morning can help to provide at least 275mg of calcium! Besides of calcium, milk also contains a range of essential nutrients such as Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Protein and Vitamin C, D, A and B.

Studies also show that many folks with Lactose Intolerance can tolerate up to 1 cup of milk and that it's even easier to digest when paired with another food. What's better than having a cup of milk to quench your thirst after a long hour sleep when it contains about 85% of water? :)

Why I Love having milk as my breakfast? Yes, I am a lazy cooker, and the fastest yet nutritious way is having a cup of Milk! When comes to selecting milk, my first choice will always be Dutch Lady :) You might not believe me, but when I make a purchase of milk, I buy a carton of it instead of 1 pack! Not to mention its cheaper that way LOL.

Here's how I paired my breakfast with Dutch Lady Milk :

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