Get Your Items Delivered within A Day with SEND App!

12:23:00 AM

SEND, being the latest 24 hours on-demand delivery platform, allows you to deliver a parcel within few hours at the same day, makes delivering goods gets faster and easier with less hassles of time!

With a current community of more than 10,000 people, they have a targets to increase up to 300,000 by the end of year 2017. As a starting point, their marketing team has started promoting it in Klang Valley and the coverage will grow wider sooner or later.

Just a few days passed, they had officially launched their online application with the Global Brand Ambassador as well as their business partner - Jorge Lorenzo, who has won 3 times MotoGP World Champion!

During the launching, the founder of SEND - Dato' TP Chin,  a young Malaysian entrepreneur who started the business after identifying the trend, lifestyle, and demand for a delivery application that enables community-building, said : "SEND is an on-demand delivery application-based platform that connects the Creator, SENDer and Recipient which we coined it as CSR. SEND utilized state of the art matching technology to allows the creator to choose the individual preferred SENDer to perform the job requested at the tips of the fingers and have the delivery done in secure and speedy manner."

He added, "We want SEND to be your day-to-day application which brings convenience to a person's lifestyle. Our focus revolves to three results - efficiency, ,empowerment, and opportunity."

How does SEND apply on your daily lifestyles?
For example, you were on your way walking up to your office and found out that your high heels have broken. Instead of going out in a difficult situation to get a new pair of shoes, you can now use SENDelivery App! Choose a pick up point, it could be your home or wherever, and deliver it to your office within 2 hours at your convenience. 

To start with SEND App, you just need to sign up a free account and you are good to go!

Select both Pick Up and Delivery address, choose the size of your parcel, choose the type of transportation, confirm the job and the SENDer will bid for the job you've created! You may choose your SENDer base on the price or rating, its up to you :)

Your parcel could be from a little thing such as shoes, documents OR even home-cook soup and food.

Want to earn some extra side income?
Yes, SEND provides not only on-demand delivery service, but also gives opportunity for the users to earn some extra income when you become a SENDer! With the current available SENDer, they have proven that one could earn up to RM600-800 a week depends on how many jobs you accepted.

SEND is a very good platform that benefits their users from getting goods delivery faster and easier as well as to earn extra income.

With the starting ground for the team in Malaysia, SEND has already set some plans to expand the global market in the near future as they plan to go into the Asia market in 2017, especially the congested and busy city such as Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

SEND is definitely an app to look out for as it will be making big waves in the delivery industry by breaking barriers and empowering communities!

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  1. Wow never knew of such service. Thanks for the info and good opportunity for people to make money.

  2. I totally love this new delivery service. I just hope that they would soon expand their service area.

  3. love this platform - not only it benefits the sender, but also those who delivers the goods as well. win-win situation for many!