JomTaxi, Your rides made safer with JomProtect.

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Knowing how bad Taxi Industry it is right now, especially with so many competitors around, the founder of JomTaxi, Mr. Valens & Mr. George Grama, who are passionate about building world changing technology, came up with the idea of this new application - JomTaxi, which made your rides safer with JomProtect.

We live in a World that full of unpredictable emergency, even when you are careful enough to meet one clumsy driver, you will still caught in an accident. The brand new idea of JomTaxi is to protect their users when they take a ride on a taxi, because JomTaxi passengers are now automatically insured on every trip.

Tune Protect has joined forces with Jomtaxi to introduce JomProtect, a FREE insurance plan designed to protect passengers throughout their journey, making taxi rides safer. 


JomProtect is specially designed by Tune Protect, a leading digital insurance provider that is championing its cause to make insurance easier, more accessible, affordable and relevant to consumers; in line with the values behind the creation of the Jomtaxi app that sets out to offer convenience not only to passengers but also taxi drivers. 

Unique to Jomtaxi, the JomProtect plan is integrated into the app booking system whereby passengers who are registered for the specific taxi ride will automatically be included as the insured in this tailor-made insurance policy. 

Making a purchase through this app, passengers who journey with a taxi will automatically enjoy the complimentary insurance coverage valued at up to RM10,000. Among the list of benefits covered under the JomProtect plan are protection for women against sexual assault and molestation, robbery and accidents. Bereavement allowance is also included under the plan and compensation will be given to the family of the insured in the event of any unfortunate situation which results in a fatality.  


JomTaxi apps launched in February 2016, with current drivers registered of 2000, and downloads up to 3000. 

The different in JomTaxi app :
  • Multilingual - the apps cater for English, Mandarin and Malay language.
  • Choose Driver - the apps allow customer to choose driver based on his profile, picture and other comments from customer.
  • Know when the taxi arrives - the driver sends you a "Buzz" when he arrives so you know exactly when he is outside waiting for you.
  • Add Favourite/Block - customers can either add favourite or block drivers.
  • Call Back - customer can call driver directly just in case if they left their valuable inside taxi.
  • Protected - drivers and passengers are protected under TuneProject which covers accident, dead, loss or damage luggage/belongings.
  • Chat or Call - chat or call the driver as he is on his way. He can also send you messages if anything happens.
  • Safety - all drivers are registered and verified. Access all our past orders, including the drivers name, photo and all other details from the app's menu.
  • Free - the apps is completely free for clients.

As easy as you will know how to navigate the apps after downloading :) 

To know more details about JomTaxi, check out their Page & Facebook.

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  1. Yaayy... we need more decent taxis and this is one of the ways how we can get decent taxis.... and also protection.. pretty awesome... installing this app...

  2. am using the other apps for taxi. Its time to try JomTaxi. Thanks