REVIEW: Pony Effect Cover Stay Cushion Foundation.

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I hardly do any beauty review but today, I am going to share about this exciting products that have been so popular recently - Pony Effect from Seoul.

I came to know about Pony because of K-Pop Idol that I've been following for years, she's been hanging out with CL and Chaerin, and with a pretty face and make up that she has, it's hard not to notice such an adorable girl.

With her exceptional make up skill which makes her a remarkable make-up artist, I believe everyone must have known about Pony, the beauty Youtuber. It is even exciting to hear about her own products coming up in the beauty market!

Without any further ado, I ordered it from Gmarket and I truly in love with the luxurious packaging. Here's a few things that I bought :-

1) Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter
2) Cover Stay Cushion Foundation
3) Pro Fit Liquid Concealer
4) Fixi Eye Primer
5) Stay Fit Matte Lip Colour

Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter

Ready, set, glow! This skin-perfecting starter from PONY EFFECT brightens and illuminates skin, leaving your face with a candle-lit glow. It works like a primer, creating even and smooth skin so makeup can apply seamlessly or so you can flaunt the coveted “no makeup” look in confidence. It also hydrates skin and even helps care for wrinkles and fine lines, so your skin will look naturally radiant now and later.

Cover Stay Cushion Foundation

Pony Effect has three cushion foundation, I was in hesitation when choosing which of them. The Everlasting cushion foundation is targeted towards dry skin and promises a hydrating formula with a dewy/glowy finish, the Longwear Defense promises to help protect the skin from pollution and with the Coverstay cushion foundation, it is targeted towards oily skin and promises an oil-absorbing formula with a matte finish.

And with such definition, I am definitely under the oily skin catergory so the Coverstay Cushion it is!
Available in 5 shades : #1 Fair, #2 Natural Ivory, #3 Rosy Ivory, #4 Nude Beige, #5 Rody Beige

Pro Fit Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealer with soft creamy and comfortable texture that cover up fine lines, uneven skin, blemishes, and dark circles for a flawlessly radiant complexion
Available in 4 shades : #13 Fair, #21 Ivory , #23 Beige, #25 Buff

Fixi Eye Primer

This eye primer from PONY EFFECT creates a thin protective layer over eyelids to prevent them from getting slick and oily, the root of runny eye makeup. It also upgrades your eye makeup’s ability to adhere onto your lids, enhancing the vibrancy and longevity of its color.

Stay Fit Matte Lip Colour

The Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color (4.6g) is a liquid lipstick with an ultra matte finish. It's formulated with Murumuru Seed Butter and Brazil Nut Seed Oil to help protect and nourish the lips for comfortable wear. The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color comes in 10 different shades ranging from vivid reds, pinks, oranges, nudes, and even a purple.

Applying Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter

Follow by Cover Stay Cushion Foundation

After foundation, I touch up with the concealer on concentrated area such as pigmentation and pimples, finishing in a glowing base.

Apply a thin layer of Stay Fit Matte Lip Liquid and blend it over with finger tip.

And here's my final look :) Excuse my messy hair LOL.

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