Once a VIP, forever a VIP until whenever!

1:30:00 AM

The day is sunny today, I can't feel the sun but only gloomy. I wasn't surprised or mad about the news but instead, I was greatly saddened by the criticism comments. We all make mistakes in live, and it's definitely OK to make mistakes.

We will be right here waiting for OT5 to be on stage again, no matter how long it takes. ''BIGBANG is strong and independent with a huge international fan base, and I guess what really saves them in the end is that they haven't had this super clean boy next door image for years - possibly never had.''

''They don't pretend to be better humans than others. It's like the only thing that actually makes them approachable despite their insane fame. I guess there will be backlash for now and TOP deserves this to some extent. But this will not mark the end of BIGBANG.''

VIP is strong enough to go through all the hard times together, we are all united in one, because we are once a VIP, forever a VIP.

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