Looking for some special gift ideas? Go Printcious!

4:11:00 PM

Because buying gifts at the shop is too mainstream now, why not personalize it yourself? I am not sure about you, but always when comes to buying gifts, I crack my head and yet still can't think of one!

Although customizing and printing aren't anything new now, but as easy as only clicking on the website at your own convenience at home with your very own design, it also save your time from going out from home.

Introducing to you is about Printcious.com, a play on word "Printing" and "Precious" which also means "Print your Precious Gifts".

Many times when receiving gifts, I believe most of us wouldn't really love it especially when the things aren't any useful thing to us right? But at Printcious, you will find mostly home deco or clothes etc which could be our daily use items. 

Printcious offers various of gifts from T-Shirts, Mugs, Cushions, Phone Cases, Ceramic Tiles, Puzzles, Mousepads, Mini Tees, Baby Rompers, Coasters, Button Badges, Caps, Canvas and Bags.

There are available products for you to choose, but if you would like to personalize your gifts with your own pictures, simply click on CREATE and then Customize It :)

Insert your pictures from your computer or easier from your Facebook and Instagram! After insert, adjust the photo to fit on the item, and then click Done.

Voila~! Here you go, personalize gift is perfectly designed :)

Good News!

You can even Purchase with Purchase, prices are at discount of up to 90%!

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