My personalized cushion from Printcious.

1:08:00 AM

Receiving a parcel will forever be the happiest moment, especially when it meets your expectation when you open it up! I believe every girl feels the same as me :)

We have always had the same worries when we shop online, particularly because of we can't see or touch the things in real until we've received it. My trick is to not put high expectation so that you don't get much disappointment. 

So, last week I wrote about personalized your own special gift at Printcious, and yes, I did one customized cushion for myself, simply because its too irresistible! LOL.

My overall shopping experience with Printcious was good, except for the delivery part which I don't blame on Printcious, but courier service Skynet. I suppose to have received my parcel by Monday or Tuesday after placing my order on last Thursday, however I got my parcel on Thursday as Skynet put the blame of saying "Bad Address", "Incomplete Address" which I've been using for years and nobody has failed to deliver it!

Okay, back to the topic :) Customize and design your own gift is so  easy with Printcious.

As you can see from the picture above, I customized a square cushion with my idol's picture. (Wanted to say my boyfriend's picture but I'm afraid that I might get hit some times later!) LOL.

You can even choose the shape of the cushion and colour as well. And mine, obviously the square one in black.

I was quite trilled with the printing results because the picture itself wasn't in high resolution, but worry-free! And the cushion is so soft and lovely being hug :D  Now I am thinking if I should go get another one!

Printcious is always having sales, with free delivery above RM60 for West Malaysia! Check them out to get one for youself today :)

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