Seinustar, the Winter Jacket Rental Service in Incheon!

6:59:00 PM

Introducing Seinustar, is a clothing sharing service for international tourist who travel to Korea. It is newly open on 17th November 2016 in Incheon International Airport. This is such a good service for travelers to reasonably rent out the clothing they need for travel especially in winter, and you could have the opportunity to experience the latest trends in the country too!

It seems like Korea is a popular destination in these years, and I can see that many of my friends keep travel back to Korea just like me :) Living in a tropical country like me in Malaysia, I do love visiting countries with 4 seasons especially during winter time! Seeing snow is like the precious gift ever happen :)

Even though I love winter, but there's always hate and love for winter. As I live in Malaysia, I don't usually buy and keep winter jacket with me, it's not like I'm going to use it or travel abroad in winter every year. Most importantly, winter jacket is so expensive and costing a lot!

Seinustar is a one stop rental store for everything you needed, from Jumper to Coat, Jacket, Top, Bottoms and Fashion Goods. All you need to do is to make a booking through their website, and simply pick it up after your arrival in Incheon International Airport and conveniently return it back in the airport.

Another benefit of renting winter clothing is that you get to travel light without having to carry all those heavy winter jackets! 

Thanks for making me feel like a winter jacket model :D

 In additon, several times rented clothes are donated to the poor!

For more information, visit their Website and Facebook.

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