Issue Seoul Guest House in Hapjeong, Seoul.

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Whenever we travel to Seoul, for the young generation like me, we will always choose to stay in a place where the local young people used to hang around, and I believe you will come across to this place name "Hongdae".

Hongdae is a place where you can find a lot of good and cheap food, boutiques, pub and club, even some street performances. Why? Because Hongik University is just around the corner, hence the place are meant for students to hang around :)

During my last trip to Seoul, for the sake of Big Bang 10th Anniversary Concert on 20th August 2016, which was held at World Cup Stadium that is nearby Hongdae, we browse through internet in search for a stay in Hongdae, and came across to this lovely guest house name "Issue Seoul".

Issue Seoul is located in Hongdae area, and near to subway Hapjeong Station. The guest house was opened in January 2013 and offers clean new facilities.

Honest speaking, after all of my guesthouse experiences, this is one of the cleaniest guest house I'd ever stay before. Indeed, they kept their words and motto, "Providing a clean new place to stay at a sensible price."

We stayed here for 3 nights, at the private 2 people room, however with shared bathroom. The guest house itself is a 2 storey house, makes it feels like as if you're at your home :)

First floor :-

A corner that I love the most! 

Second floor :-

Our room :-

Breakfast is provided every morning with different menu daily! What's better than having a ready-to-eat breakfast when you first wake up? Especially when the breakfast is cook by the local Korean Mom :) Its so delicious, I love Ajumma cooking!

The good thing of staying in a guest house is that they will always held some small in house party, that's when you meet different people around the world sharing the travelling stories!

Issue Seoul has got Samyupsal (Pork Belly) Party, Kimbab cooking, as well as chicken & beer party!

From Incheon International Airport, take Korail Airport Railway (AREX) to Hongik University and change line 2 to Hapjeong station.

Good News to YG bias, Issue Seoul is so near to YG Entertainment building! Same train station "Hapjeong" Exit 8.

For more information : www.issueseoul.com / Issue Facebook


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  1. I love how minimalist is the place yet it is very comfy.

  2. The accommodation is really not cheap for dorm-style. But it looks so neat and clean. For me, the location is the most important.

  3. this is so pretty... will consider this place for my future Korean vacation....

  4. Ok , what caught my eye was the "Same Stop as YG Building" !!!! Omg I wish I could see my bias CL when I visit ! Omg . Hahaha . The guesthouse looks really awesome ! I've not been to Korea yet , but soon!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah Yeah CL! You should have plan a trip some day when they have concert :D