BeautyLabo Whip Hair Colour by Watsons.

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Hair colouring has never been so easy as only applying the foam on your hair with hands. As an Asian, especially when we only have the typical black hair colour, I have always wanted to try out different hair colour because the changes in hair colour changes your whole outlook :)

In conjunction with the 111th anniversary of celebrating the birth of Hoyu, they have launched a new series of hair colour, the latest product - BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOUR.

BeautyLabo Whip Hair Colour is better formulated with improved foam quality, with the finer and thicker whipped foam for a more even and beautiful colour results.

When we talk about hair colouring, what comes in mind is about the damages that it'll cause right? What I like the most about BeatyLabo Improved Whip Hair Colour is that it contains of 4 (FOUR) fruits extracts, Peach Juice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Apple Juice, infused with honey and rose water, which are the ingredients that adds shines and leaves your hair well moisturized!

BeautyLabo Whip Hair Colour is availabla in 6 (SIX) lovely colours, and in just 30 minutes (developing time), you can now have beautiful new shades for each occasion, all in the comfort of your home.

The available colours are - Honey Custard, Sakura Pink, Misty Ash, Milktea Beige, Cream Cappucino , Maple Brown.

Here I've got myself a Misty Ash, because I can't get enough with my Ash Grey colour which last only for 2 weeks LOL.

Love the packaging itself, inside of this lovely bottle, consists of 2 (TWO) liquids to ease the whole preparing process.

1) Mix the 2 (TWO) liquids together in the shaker container.
2) Shake vigorously ( at least 30 times ) until the mixture frothed up.
3) Scoop it up with your gloved hands and apply adequate amount on your hair.

* for short hairstyle you might even be able to share with friend.

MIX and SHAKE the container really well to form a very nice foam, then apply it on your hair evenly. This is NOT a Shampoo base hairdye, so you will need to apply it just like how its done in a hair salon. The GOOD thing is, you only need your gloved hands, there's no need to use any other tools like comb or brush :)

The whole process took me about 1 (ONE) hour - 30 minutes of application and 30 minutes of colour developing. I was quite thrilled with the result :) I don't expect it to even out my hair colour as I know it definitely will be a difference shade on the virgin hair and bleached hair. 

If you wanted to even out your hair colour, I would strongly suggest you to find a professional hair stylist. Non of one D.I.Y hair colour would has this results unless you are colouring your hair all black.

BeautyLabo Whip Hair Colour is now available exclusively at Watson Stores, with normal retail selling price at RM 31.69 per box (inclusive of 6% gst).

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  1. I'm happy that you are happy with the results dear!!! I disliked mine...hence I had to recolour again ...

    1. Awwhh really? The colour not nice? I saw the other blogger's review, their colour turn out quite nice too..hmm

  2. It is so easy to colour our hair. I love the colour of your hair too.

  3. I prefer your colour on the left. I like this DIY concept especially with the shake bottle.

  4. owh woww!!! will definitely keep this in mind for next time.... can't use now while preggy! haha

  5. Looks good!! I wouldnt dare to do it myself.

  6. I tried this before.Not bad and super easy too.

  7. I'm simply wowed with the outcome! This is just the perfect ash you have. I'm surely going to try this out. But can you tell me one thing, is it going to work on non-bleached hair?

    do drop by... GreenStory

  8. Your result so nice! But i tried this last time, my hair colour turns out uneven tone. =(

  9. I like your colour... I like my colour too and will try another colour in a month or two's time....hahahah