BigBang10 The Exhibition A to Z.

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In conjunction with BigBang 10th Anniversary this year on 19 August 2016, apart from the concert, they have also arranged an exhibition that was organized to show BIGBANG's past, present and future, named "BigBang10 The Exhibition A to Z."

The exhibition features 26 words that start with the letters A to Z and arranged under the theme of "Five Different Views on BIGBANG". The words are chosen by BIGBANG members themselves, and they help you to view BIGBANG from diverse perspectives.

You will find pieces that represent the past 10 (TEN) years of BIGBANG, from albums to photos, costumes, videos, interviews, music video sets, and concert stages as well as contents newly prepared in celebration of BIGBANG's 10th anniversary.

The exhibition is different from the one that are held in galleries or museums focusing on simply displaying exhibits to people.

BIGBANG members have participated in the planning and preparation stage so that the exhibition reflects the most important aspect of BIGBANG and helps the members communicate with the fans. It also has an interactive section that enables visitors to participate and experience BIGBANG.

There are corners in which visitors can experience virtual reality, watch videos, or listen to music selected by none other than BIGBANG members themselves.

MON - Closed
(TUE-FRI) 1200 - 2000
(SAT-SUN) 1000 - 2000

Period :
5th August - 30th October 2016

Ticket Price : KRW 12,000

You can purchase the tickets online from auction website, internationally.
Click HERE.

How to go :
Take train to "SeongSu" Station at Line 2, Exit 3.

Fortunately, during my trip to Seoul for BigBang10 Concert on 20th August 2016, we managed to catch the exhibition :) Well as usual, crowd was expected. We purchased our ticket online before we flew to Seoul, and claim our exhibition ticket with printed confirmation. 

Video Recording is strictly NOT allowed, but you are free to take as many pictures as you can! Without any further hesitation, myself took quite a lot of pictures too :D

There's a cafe after the 2nd floor, going down to the Merchandise & Moonshot area, with limited table and seats available.

This is one of the Limited Edition Box, only sold One Hundred (100) per day.
Price : KRW 100,000
Weight : 4.3 KG

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  1. Is there any way possible for me to purchase the bigbang10 the limited edition box...I placed an order on dvdheaven.com two weeks ago, and instead of receiving the item, they ended up canceling my order. I'm super upset and cannot contain my sad emotions about it. Is there any way you could help me with that?

    1. The limited box is hard to buy when you're not in Korea. Did you get the new a to z collection? That box is half price of the limited box but I think what's inside worth than the limited box though!