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Have you ever wanted to go Everland Theme Park but you didn't know where and how to go? Because it was far away from Seoul?  Yes, that's my concern too, and that is why it took me so long to finally pay a visit to Everland during my 5th trip to Seoul :D

To make things easy, I've got an Advance Booking with Indiway !

How to go to Everland Theme Park?

There are a few ways to get to the theme park, but of course, the easier way is to take a shuttle bus. Only with KRW 8,000 for a round trip with few pickup point!

Entrance Fee :

Basically, you will need to take 2 bus ride before you can reach the theme park, one bus from Seoul city to bus hub, and then another one from bus hub to the theme park. It took a total of about an hour bus ride to Everland Theme Park, check out for the Ticket + Shuttle Bus Package

Bus Hub

With ONLY KRW 47,000 you will get both ticket & shuttle bus! One of the best deal I've encountered so far, cheaper than a One-Day Ticket!

After clicking on Everland Shuttle Bus & Discount Ticket Package, you will come across to this page.

Next, choose the station that you would like to be pick up, date and how many person and click on BOOK NOW.

Click on PAY NOW, you will then lead to fill in your information.

After filling in all necessary information, click on PAY NOW again, another page will pop up.

After payment done, you will receive a confirmation email with the shuttle bus & Everland ticket QR code which you need to show to the staff at Everland entrance to redeem your ticket, screen shot the QR code if you doesn’t have any internet access.

Be sure to ON TIME for the shuttle bus, being ON TIME means being early then the schedule time!

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  1. Thanks for the sharing! Now I know how to go Everland now, I heard that the theme is super photo worthy place to visit in Korea =D

  2. so informative! will save this up to use when i am going to visit korea in the future =)))

  3. yes i definitely always wanted to go! but just never even been to the country yet, waiting for the moment

  4. Sounds pretty much fun to me and generally keeping it all reasonable nj to niagara falls bus tour helps us with the uses all the ways keeps and it helps us with the needs we get to fulfill certainly.