A healthy Sunday with Kordel's Charity Walk 2016.

12:24:00 PM

Even though waking up early 5 in the morning, I had so much fun joining Kordel's Charity Walk :)

On 31 July 2016, is the 8th Annual Kordel's Charity Walk, from the participation of Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM).

FYI, The Arthritis Foundation Malaysia is a non-profit organization set up to:

- Increase the awareness of arthritis & its related conditions.
- Look after the welfare of arthritis patients who cannot afford joint replacement.

This charity Walk is a charity drive to increase public awareness on joint health and raise funds for Arthristis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) for an extremely deserving cause. The donations received will help to improve the welfare of arthritis patients. 

Event Infomation

Date 31st July 2016 (Sunday)
Time 6.00 am (flag off: 7.15 am)
Venue Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Entry Fee RM38 per person (All donated to AFM)

Goodie Bags worth over RM100
Light breakfast (1 food item + 1 drink)
Finisher medal and certificate
Chance to win prizes and lucky draws
T-shirts & Bibs (participant numbers) will be given upon presentation of approved entries on 30th July 2016 (Saturday) @ Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur between 2 - 5pm

Walk For Healthier Joints. Walk for Charity.

Why is it FUN? Because family with kids can even join this Fun Walk! There're 2 walking route, 4KM and 7KM. For those with kids, they can have a shorter walk of 4KM.

There were also food trucks at the venue, understand that it's so early in the morning, you don't have to worry if you haven't got any breakfast before going :)

It's been a real long time since my last run of Penang Bridge Half Marathon 2014, and I don't even go to gym for such long time, however I did my 7KM run without any issues :) I'm glad!

At the end of your walk/run, there were some activities going on, so hold on and don't go back just yet! Remember to collect your goodies bag, and wait for the Lucky Draw.

If you miss out the chance, remember to check out their PAGE for upcoming events!

Kordel's Charity Walk 2016 has successfully collected and donated RM 42,500 compared to last year, it was RM 40,000. 

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  1. so sad i can't join this event ! Would like to take part in this event future~

  2. Thanks for the info - I will try to make time for the next run.

  3. wow nice event.love the goodie bag design as well. will definitely check out their page for future events!

  4. Kordel's Charity Walk 2016 looks fun. too bad overslept on last Sun