Beijing, Day 4 Suggested Itinerary.

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On my day 4 in Beijing, I covered 2 enormous places - Summer Palace & Great Wall of China.

Initially I only plan for Great Wall of China with the booking of private van services, but then I read on some comments saying that they did the visit on the same day for these 2 places, so I asked my driver whether he could arrange it for me and he said yes, but its gonna be a bit rush hence we departed early at 7am.

Transportation was a little bit pricey, since its a private car, but the good thing is that you get to choose and arrange your own routine and walk in a free and easy way.

The Great Wall of China that I'd visit was Jinshanling Great Wall, about 10km trail from Jinshanling to Simatai and its 2 hours drive from Beijing City.

The Private Car services I book - greatwallexpert@gmail.com
Charges : CNY 890/person ( Jinshanling Great Wall), 
CNY1090/person for both Jinshanling Great Wall & Summer Palace.
Charges inclusive of everything except for food.

First Stop : Summer Palace

This is one of a very huge palace located in Beijing. In 1924, it was open to the public. It ranked amongst the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1998, as well as one of the first national AAAAA tourist spots in China.

To totally sight-see the whole palace, you will need at least ONE full day. Unfortunately in my case, I only have less than 2 hours, hence my driver a.k.a tour guide brings us to visit the famous part of the palace where it used to stay by the Mother of the King.

In the palace itself, there's a very big lake located in the middle, and Dragon Boat service is available with extra charges. (Ours are included in the private van fees.)

I am deeply in love with this palace! I can feel the calmness and peacefulness once after I entered it :) The best place for meditation, perhaps.

Second Stop : Jinshanling Great Wall

Right after my rush trip in Summer Palace, it took us about 2 hours drive with 1 stop in between before we reach the entrance of Jinshanling Great Wall. Our driver didn't follow us on the whole trail but only lead us to the starting point for about 200 meter by giving explanation of this Great Wall.

What is special about Jinshanling is that on the left you get to see Mongolia and on the right is China, before they were united in the history.

A good 10km walk and hike for about 3.5 hours along the Great Wall, one of the best experience I ever had in my every trip! :)

For more information about The Best Part and Best Time to visit Great Wall of China, click HERE.

TIPS : Arrange these 2 places in TWO separate day to truly enjoy and sight-see it!

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