Beijing, Day 1 Suggested Itinerary.

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Planning my trip to Beijing is not easy, as you know, Beijing is kind of huge, and I am trying to arrange all the sightseeing places which are near to each other together so that I don't waste time on travelling. Although I made some mistake, but that's alright, I learnt from it :) In fact, popular sightseeing places are near to each other!

Now, sharing my Day 1 in Beijing - Jing Shan Park, Bei Hai Park and Wangfujing Street. ( I was out quite late at 11am, so it was a quite relaxing day for me.)

Accommodation : Holiday Inn Express Beijing, Dongzhimen.

Traveling around Beijing city isn't hard, especially with their subway conveniently connects within the city, but to go to JingShan Park directly, you will require to take the local bus.

JingShan Park has the greatest view over whole Forbidden City!

I understand how difficult it is to take a bus if you couldn't read any single Chinese words, but instead, in the bus itself, there's a screen showing English name. The only thing you have to worry is that " Which direction of the bus should you take?". Well, that is the most important thing isn't it.

Transportation :

By Bus :
Take bus 5 or 58 and get off at JingShan Houjie Station or Xibanqiao Station.
Take bus 111, 124 or 58 and get off at Jingshan Dongmen.
Take bus 101, 103, 109, 685 and get off at Gu Gong Station.

By Subway :
Take Subway Line 5 to Dongsi Station. Get out from Exit C and then find bus 101 to Gu Gong ( Forbidden City ) Station. It is opposite to the north gate of the Forbidden City.

TIPS : In order to make your visit easier to Jing Shan Park, plan it together with Forbidden City, when you exit from Forbidden City, Jing Shan Park is just right in front of the exit :) Here I made a mistake, I didn't notice they were so closed to each other!

After my visit to Jing Shan Park, I took a walk across to Bei Hai Park. Yes, both are within walking distance only! Google map helps a lot on this, can't imagine how if I couldn't access Google map....

Bei Hai Park is huge than Jing Shan Park, it's lovely place to chill around. I was alone at that time, I didn't really manage to finish the whole park. 

In the middle of the park, you can catch a boat service to the other end if you're tired of walking, just like I did :)

- Don't forget to drink this "Old Beijing Yogurt Drink", the cheapest I could find at ONLY CNY5! In WangFuJing it was old at CNY 10.

- Taking pictures with traditional dresses here is the cheapest too at ONLY CNY 10! The other places are CNY 20 or more.

Moving on next, I wanted to go to Shi Cha Hai, but then I didn't have enough time for that, hence I decided to go on for shopping and dinner at Wangfujing Street. This is the part where transport is complicated, from Bei Hai Park, there is only buses around, so I look up on internet for transportation to Wangfujing.

By bus :
- Take the bus 10, 41, 59, 99, 120, 126, 127, 203 or 205, and get off at Wangfujing Station.
- Take the bus 103, 104, 127, 201, 211, 420, Special 11 or Express 2, and get off at Wangfujing Lukoubei Station.

Had my dinner and a little walk and shop in Wangfujing street, then head back to my hotel with subway :) End of my simple and relaxing Day 1.

For more details about these places, read my post about Top 10 places to see in Beijing.

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