Wow Korea Day Five in Seoul, Experiencing Hanbok in Gyeongbokgung!

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After a few visits to Seoul, I nearly couldn't believe I have finally made it to Gyeongbokgung! It is such a shame to say it, I've only passby Gyeongbokgung entrance numerous time LOL. Perhaps it's not a good time to do a Hanbok tour in the Palace in December, but if I were to choose between Summer or Winter, please give me snow instead of sweat! :D

Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. It is located in northern Seoul, and it's commonly known as Northern Palace as well. Being the largest of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon dynasty, Gyeongbokgung served as the home of Kings of the Joseon dynasty, the King's households, as well as the government of Joseon.

Sadly, the premises were once destroyed by fire during the Imjin War (Japanese Invasions, 1592-1598). However, all of the palace buildings were later restored under the leadership of Heunseondaewongun during the reign of King Gojong (1852-1919).

The National Palace Museum of Korea is located south of Heungnyemun Gate, and the National Folk Museum is located on the eastern side within Hyangwonjeong.

Gyeongbokgung is a popular place for tourists and locals to tour and take photos with Hanbok, the traditional dress. Located not far away from the palace, there are many Hanbok renting stores in Insadong. 

Talking about Insadong, its another interesting place to explore, especially with a lot of special shops and cafes around. Insadong street is one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean Traditional Culture and Crafts. 

We had our Hanbok rented in one of the shop in Insadong, I am truly in love with Hanbok!

Website : http://www.hanboknam.com/hanboknam/company.html
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HANBOKNAM.korea/

The best part is you get to choose to mix and match your one and only Hanbok Style.

They even have accessories available for rent, as well as hair setting.

Most importantly, if you are wearing Hanbok, you get to enter Gyeongbokgung for FREE :) Nothing feels better than wearing a traditional dress and exploring the historical building. 

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