Wow Korea Day Three in Unexplored City of Yeosu.

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Leaving Tongyeong for Yeosu, is another bus journey of 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Along the way the scenery was quite interesting as the coastal scenery is what I could never imagine before. When we talk about Korea, its all about the city but none for countryside. We even pass by the petrochemical plants around Gwangyang area before we reached Yeosu.

Yeoso, meaning 'good water in Korean', is a maritime city renowned for its pristine coastal scenery and a seemingly endless stretch of coastline. It is one of the country's most picturesque port cities especially at night,and famous for its seafood, beaches, flowers and marinas. The city has become a rising tourist destination since it hosted the 2012 World Expo to promote the importance of marine resources worldwide.

Lying about midway along the southern coast, Yeosu has cool summers and mild winters thanks to the sea wind and warm current. Its blessed ocean climate also brings Yeosu relatively longer springs and autumns than other regions.

However on the other side, things could go haywire too due to its strong sea wind, such as the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car would stop operation. In addition to its scenic seascape,  Yeosu has various of major attractions for visitors.

1) Yeosu Sky Tower

Being the tallest building at Yeosu Expo Site, the Sky Tower offers a panoramic view of the Yeosu Expo Site, downtown Yeosu, Odongdo Island, and coastal waters from top.

Having a cup of coffee at Cafe Sky which located on top of the Sky Tower, is the best option to take time to observed the landscape of Yeosu attentively.

2) Yeosu Expo Park

 In 2012, there was this Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, an International Exposition recognized by the International Exhibitions Bureau held in here. There were 105 participating countries, international organizations and over 8 millions visitors.

Located not far from the expo, is the Ocean Park where one can stroll along the sea, where the waterfront park is located close by, take part in dynamic marine leisure sports program.

3) Odongdo Island

One of the most popular attraction in Yeosu, Odongdo Island has the most spectacular spots to appreciate camellias. As the camellias begin to bloom in November, it colour the entire island in scarlet until April the following year. During this period, the entire island looks like a huge fantastic camellia blossom!

Well despite being an island off the coast, you can simply walk along the breakwater installed from Yeosu Port all the way to Odongdo Island.

The hike around Odongdo Island isn't hard, it worth a little climb in exploring this beautiful island!

4) Hanwha Aqua Planet

Hanhwa Aqua Planet in Yeosu is the second largest aquarium in Korea, makes it a landmark of the southern province. The exhibition areas are typically big, divided into 3 areas - Aqua Forest, Marine Life and Ocean Life.

There were 2 huge Beluga, also known as White Whale in the Marine Life section with a big tank for them to swim around. Follow by is the Seal Tank, where you'll get to see Sea Lions swimming around too.

Since Yeoso means 'good water' in Korean, and its located at the coastline, you might not want to miss out trying their seafood here! We were having Seafood Hot Pot with Abalone for lunch.

And the local fried fish for dinner. Nonetheless, they are all yumilicious!

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