Wow Korea Day Four in Eco City Suncheon.

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Suncheon is a city in South Jeolla Province famous for its scenic agricultural and industrial city of around 250,000 people near Suncheon Bay, it is now the ecological capital of Korea. Moving from Yeosu to Suncheon, its about 40 minutes to 1 hour drive.

This eco city Suncheon is developing in fast paced due to being included as part of the Gwangyang Bay Free Economic Zone, which is one of three newly created Free Economic Zones (FEZs) in South Korea. There are many interesting and unexplored places in Suncheon, but due to the limited time I can't really did a good explore on this city!

Despite having limited time, I had a great time in this lovely city too. Well I should say travelling is all about having great companions :) As travelling alone bored me to death many times before!

Talking about the attractions in Suncheon, there is this open film set that was being used for various films and K-Dramas including “East of Eden” (2008), “King of Baking, Kim Tak-goo” (2010), “Lights and Shadows” (2012), and the movie “A Werewolf Boy” (2012).

Oh, "A Werewolf Boy" was one of my favourite movie :) I know I've been talking about Song Joong Ki for many times, I was too obsessed with him back then LOL.

Suncheon Open Film Set

This open film set is located in Jorye-dong, Suncheon and it consists of three villages with each representing a different era from the 1950s to the 1970s. Approximately 200 houses were built on this site makes it the largest film set in Korea. The realistic sets bring about memories of people’s youth, while younger visitors can learn about Korea’s history. It draws the attentions of many families.

The streets of Suncheon in the 1950s have been perfectly recreated, featuring a major theater, Jeil Brewery, and the fire station. In the 60s and 70s film sets, visitors can view scenes from Seoul’s history, such as daldongne (residential towns for poor families in uphill areas of Seoul) and shopping streets from the city’s outskirts.

The Suncheon Bay National Garden

The Suncheon Bay Garden is basically huge in a way that you might need to spend many hours to enjoy the relaxing and flowerish scenery it has to offers! It was established in order to turn 1.12 square kilometers of natural habitat into a conservation area, where it houses over 505 species of tress and 113 species of flowers.

The World Garden Zone is a collaborative space created by designers and artists from Korea and all over the world. It consists of indoor, outdoor gardens, and gardens of 11 countries including Thailand, Turkey, Japan, German etc.

Even just the World Garden Zone got us spent more than an hour, it is suggested to have at least 3 hours plan in this National Garden.

Our meals of today finally have some changes! I've never been so happy for not having seafood before, I just needed some other food eagerly :D While having a local mix western buffet lunch in Home Plus Suncheon, we did a little shopping too.

Departing from Suncheon to Seoul, the bus journey took about 5.5 hours. Hence, we had no choice but to stop by at one of the rest station for our dinner along the way back to Seoul. My first time being on the free way rest station, comparing to the one in Malaysia, here they have more variety to offer!

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