Proud to be a Malaysia Airlines Stewardess.

11:42:00 PM

You might be wondering, how's our salary? How's our roster every month?

I got to say, you are consider lucky if you join now :)

Why? Because recently company has open up a lot of interesting night stopping station.

For example, Male of Maldives! :D A paradise where everyone would dying for.

We used to do only turnaround flight, which means you get to see only the airport and you are flying back to base :(

Well, although you get to fly to ASEAN only, somehow it's still better than only Malaysia, am I right? Hehehee..

We do have a few night stop station like TPE/HKG/MNL/CGK/PER/KIX/BKK/MLE/KTM/HYD, and of course domestic night stop BKI/KCH/MYY/LBU/PEN/JHB/KBR/KUA/SIN.

I believe you might not understand the code? Those are the airport code that used in aviation, learn it as early as you can :) because an airport doesn't name under a city name, for example, we don't call Taipei airport but instead Taoyuan international airport, and we don't call Seoul airport but instead, Incheon international airport.

I will not say those places are as interesting as Paris, London, or New York because for one like me, joining as a cabin crew, who will not expecting to fly to those places? Well, there is always pro and con, so if you want to be a cabin crew but you don't want to be far away from home, Malaysia Airlines is the best for Malaysian who are very homesick :D

Most of the time, you will be working only with Malaysian. We do have Indian, Japan and Korean crew, as we need them to do announcement of their mother language and communicate with the local passengers, but that's all we have, not the other nationalities.

In conclusion, I would say it is indeed a very good experience that I have ever had. Well if you don't like it after joining, just take it as a stepping stone, just so you know, Malaysia Airlines always won the best cabin staff :)

At least, it makes your resume looks nice to some other airlines if 
you were to continue your career as a cabin crew.

I assure when you dorn on your uniform, it somehow will still make you proud of yourself :D

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