Pablo, World's Famous Cheese Tart is finally here in Malaysia!

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I know you've been long waited for this, and yes it's happening now in Malaysia! Located on the 2nd floor in Old Wing of One Utama Shopping Mall, Pablo CheeseTart Malaysia had their grand opening on the 6th December 2016 at 2pm.

Pablo is the World's Famous CheeseTarts founded by Masamitsu Sakimoto, it started 6 years ago in Japan, attracting long queue every day since then! Being the hottest and most famous cheesetart and desserts brand in the world, it now has more than 25 stores in Japan and many other country including Canada, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and now Malaysia.

With the name of famous dessert brands, it doesn't comes in easily, of course, Pablo has sold 6 million of its classic cheese tarts since its inception. 

Pablo is a ‘one-stop’ concept for ‘cheesy gastronomical delights’ headlining its wide range of mouth-watering classic massive, mini tarts, cheese-based desserts, pastries & beverages. 

Mini Cheese Tarts 

These mini cheese tarts are cute not only in size, but the amount of it is just nice for an after dessert! The medium rare cheesetart is famous for its soft, ooey-gooey and “creamy overflowing” filling. In other markets, customers can customise Pablo cheesecakes texture like a steak – medium, rare or well done!  

Not getting enough with the mini cheese tart? You could go BIG!

The wholesome baked cheese tart to fixed your craft :) We were inform that both mini and big cheese tart are best consumed within 6 hours, and if you were to keep in fridge, it will last 2 to 3 days.

Besides only cheese tart, Pablo is offering some other beverages as well, including coffee and their specialty drinks.

So, Why Pablo? Why is Pablo different and unique from other cheese desserts brands?

The concept of Pablo is to create fun, happy and colourful experiences to their staff and customers. They have the widest range of freshly-baked cheese tarts and pastries, cheese puddings, cookies, drinks, and soft served ice cream comes in a variety of flavours, as in original, chocolate, strawberry, or matcha etc.

Furthermore, there is a play on words as Sakimoto calls Pablo "Odorakashii" that means "desserts with an element of surprise." Be it the textures and appearances of the products. In worldwide, Pablo intends to produce a cheesecake that can be served with different textures, just like a piece of steak.

The special design of open kitchen and store concept is to reflect on their specialty in serving freshly baked products and bring the experience to customers.

As Sakimoto put it: “The brand’s charming moniker is inspired by the artist Pablo Picasso. Just like how Pablo Picasso contributed to the world of the arts, we aim to establish a strong identity and strive to bring about the feeling of surprise and excitement to all our customers through our revolutionary and artistic cheese tarts".

What are you still waiting for? Check them out in One Utama now and experience the long-queue cheese tart then you'll understand why :)

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