Making Your One and Only Batik by Yourself!

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Batik is the icon of Malaysia, makes it the beauty of Malaysian from history until now. What is so special about Batik is the whole process of making it, and its interesting to know the story behind these beautiful art pieces!

Located some where in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, there is this "myBatik Visitor Centre" where you will find out pieces of Batik here, or even experience the making process of Batik at Green Tomato Cafe just beside of the visitor centre.

Green Tomato Café (GTC) is located next to myBatik workshop where visitors can view the batik making process and try the hands-on experience. MyBatik is founded by batik Artist Emilia Tan since 2004 and now she is promoting traditional local cuisine cooking workshop in Green Tomato Café on a daily basis. The on-boarding of Chef Rica inspired Emilia to push the traditional cooking workshop into the public. 

This is such a good workshop as most of the Malaysian wouldn't even know the process of Batik making or the traditional local cuisine. The objective of GTC cooking workshop is to make every Malaysian proud of their food culture and at the same time teach them the step by step process on how to do it. A profound interest in the local cuisine by the public is essential to ensure a better future Malaysian gastronomy. 

Their cooking workshop cater not only to adults, but also for customers from the age of 5 as they have junior cooking classes as well, the "little chef" program like pizza and muffin baking classes, hot chocolate art workshop and so on. 

For the senior cooking program, they have the famous Nasi Lemak cooking class, Nyonya Curry Chicken, Teh Tarik Making, Curry Puff making and many more. The best part about this workshop is that you don't need to comes in a group, even 1 person class is available too!

The workshop booking is very easy. Just visit www.mybatik.com, pick-up your desired workshop, mark the date and time, pay, and your booking is confirmed. The fee for the entire workshop is as low as RM47.70 per person. For the corporate team building, family outing, and school field trip, group booking special discount rate is available. Kindly e-mail your booking to manager@tmsart.com.my.  Open daily including Public Holiday from 8am to 5pm.

Other than the workshop, Green Tomato Cafe is another great place for a peaceful day. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the al fresco cafe sits in surrounding tastefully adorned with batik textiles and paintings. 

Green Tomato Cafe offers variety of food and drinks, and their meals were prepared in a very healthy way, so the taste might be a little mild.

For more information, visit their Facebook or Website.

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