Wow Korea Day Five in K-Style Hub Seoul, One Stop for All About Korea!

6:10:00 PM

K-Style Hub located in KTO Seoul Office is one of the best Tourist Information Center that you will ever find in anywhere else, being a famous attraction but its less known by most of the international tourists!

This one-stop complex has all the information to meet all tourists' needs, from a tourist information center to various experience zones, exhibition halls and even sales of local specialty products. You don't need to worry no more if you haven't got any plans or itinerary done before your trip to Korea, all you need is to visit this One-Stop complex!

The hub is divided into four segments, with the Tourist Information Center found at second level, Korean Food Exhibition and Experience Halls on the third and forth levels respectively, as well as an Art Market Hall on the fifth level.

On the second floor, there's an information desk with language assistance of Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and tourist information leaflets are available too.

It's such a friendly place where you could find muslim prayer room, medical tourism marketing zone, virtual reality experience zone, as well as my favourite Hallyu Experience Zone! Meet the best K-Pop singer here including BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY and many more! Calling YG Stan, now you don't need to go all the way to Jeju and pay entrance fee for Play K-POP anymore :)

On level 3, you will discover Korea's charisma at the Food Exhibition Hall. The entrance itself is an eye-catching design, the hall is decorated in a way to let every visitors to understand more about the authentic traditional Korean food and atmosphere.

In the pass, travel tour to Korea will always include kimchi-making tour, but Korea has more food to offer other than just kimchi! Located on level 4 of the Korean Food Experience Hall, there's a learning place for you to experience more about Korean Food :) Cooking class, cultural convergence class, Korean food culture DIY class are the available paid program with advance reservation.

I am definitely not a good chef, not even could consider as a chef as I only know how to cook ramen the instant noodles LOL. Thank god I have a good partner who could sort out all things for me! I couldn't imagine how would the bulgogi looks like and tastes like without my partner, Mavis's help!

Right in front of K-Style Hub Seoul, is the Chenggeyecheon Stream. In the pass, the stream existed only as a neglected waterway hidden by an overpass. Today, it has been transformed into a haven of natural beauty amidst the bustle of city life!

I love the Christmas atmosphere here in Korea! It's always decorated in such a stunning and beautiful way :) 

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