Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter, where goodness guaranteed!

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When comes to talk about butter, it has always been my favourite spread for toast. I got this habit from my dad, bread and butter will always available at my house in Penang! My dad's daily simple breakfast, toast with butter plus Kopi' O... A very typical Kopitiam Style LOL. Honestly, I can have this every single day without feeling bored at all :)

I came to know about this brand, "Golden Churn" during their press release. Have you ever experienced something that is already great, getting even better? Well, that's exactly what's happening with Golden Churn! Pairing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil makes it most in the demand.

Golden Churn brings all the wholesome goodness and taste of pure Australian and New Zealand butter, just as nature intended.

With over 70 years experience, it has now become a leading international brand of premium quality and flavor and lives up its tagline "Goodness Guaranteed". Golden Churn Butter is popular and well-known among all bakers, chefs, mums, and almost everyone has experienced it before.

Even the famous Chef in Malaysia, Dato Chef Wan enjoyed cooking with Golden Churn Butter :) Dato Chef Wan mentioned that his mum started to use Golden Churn Butter even before he learnt about cooking.

Although I am not quite particular with butter, but I can still tell if the butter taste good or bad. What to do, as a Penangites, we are born to eat :D 

The only ONE thing I hate about butter was when they are hard as rock taking out from refrigerator, and I have to wait a bit with my hungry stomach before I can spread it on my toast, but with Golden Churn, I have yet to encounter this issue, the butter is easily scoop up and ready to spread even freshly take out from refrigerator.

What makes a butter better? Now with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil, makes it 25% less fat than the typical spreadable butter! So for those who are on diet, why not? :)

These 2 (TWO) Golden Churn Spreadable are easy to identify with the brilliant new metallic tubs which displays the elegance and premium taste that is goodness guaranteed.

Good News!

These wonder taste of spreadable butter in 200g tub is now available in most leading hypermarkets and supermarkets, selling at RM 16.22 (RCP).

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  1. wow...this butter is so so so nice...but abit pricey!!

  2. This is a pioneer brand and my mum use to bake cake with it. The butter texture is soft and it has nice aroma.

  3. This is a great option for a healthy and organic oil use for cooking! The price is not too expensive too.

  4. Never heard of this brand of butter before. Would love to try it!
    And Dato Chef Wan.. wowww... i watched his cooking show when i was little. Still the same but with white color hairs. haha

  5. This is really good ! My family uses this to bake all the time !

  6. Its is quite cheap !! I wish to see chef wan in real too..

  7. Golden Churn is a great brand. but the price is a bit pricey oh

  8. this is seriously the only butter my mom uses for baking, now i also only use this for a better taste

  9. It's cool as people who is on diet still can enjoy butter.

  10. This is really a good brand, my mum loves it for cooking and baking :)