Wow Korea Day Two in Geoje & Tongyeong.

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Our day 2 started from morning 9am departing from Busan to Geoje and Tongyeong by bus, the journey to Geoje is about 1 hour and from Geoje to Tongyeong is 30 minutes. I was kind of excited as I haven't been to both city before! :)

Geojedo island is Korea's second largest island with breathtaking scenery, famous for its Sea Attractions such as Haegeumgang, Mongdol Beach and Oedo Island Paradise Island, those are the most popular sites.

In Geojedo, they are famous with its Gejang, the local dish of Raw Crab. You gonna love this if you are a seafood lover! We had our lunch in this popular restaurant name 'Sing Sing GeJang' which has been broadcast on KBS. The restaurant is located conveniently near to the Ferry Port, you could just walk to the Port after a great lunch.

Well, we can't possibly sightseeing every attraction in just a day but we've been to 2 (TWO) interesting places that you might want to know more details about them :)

1) Haegeumgang

Haegeumgang is an island made of rocks famous for both its sunsets and sunrises as it has a very unique rock formations. 

As one of the best sights in Geojedo Island, Geoje Haegeumgang River is called the Geumgang River (Sea Diamond) of the South Sea. As you take a cruise around the island to Oedo Island, you're surely gonna be fascinated with the amazing view!

2) Oedo-Botania

Oedo, they called it an exotic paradise of the beautiful southern country. Oedo-Botania is a marine park located inside the Hallyeohaesang National Park, which is famous for the clean, crystal blue South Sea and the beautiful natural surrounding. It is 4 kilometers away from Geojedo Island, about 20 minutes by cruise. 

As you enter the island, you will feel the calmness and peacefulness. A lot of local couples love visiting this place. 

The best part about this island is that they have different scenery in every season, as Oedo is a beautiful island covered with a variety of plants of over 1,000 species including rare subtropical plants. 

During the Spring in Oedo, the island will be fill with flower and fragrances. While in Summer, thick subtropical plants spout out pleasant scents, adding a romantic atmosphere of the southern country. Fall is the season of four colours and harvest. In the fall, there is an abundance of fruit in Oedo, and tourist can enjoy the melodic chorus of singing birds. In the period of Winter, hundreds of camellia flowers blossom and wither. The island becomes a festive wonderland with the first fall of snow, and the Christmas decorations are prepared each year.

Moving on next, located not far from Geojedo is Tongyeong. Talking about Tongyeong, is a beautiful port city located in the southern edge of the Korean Peninsula, it has long been known for its natural wonders with blessed weather, which makes it an astounding scenery!

Tongyeong is indeed, another historical place as the battles happened here during the Japanese invasion in the 1950's, with many sweeping battles won around Hansando Island, Dangpo Estuary, and Jeokjinpo inlet. It was a place for a victory won in the Wonmun Battle during the Korean War too.

Dongpirang Mural Village

The word "Dongpirang" is made of two words. One is "Dong", meaning east and the other is "Birang", meaning hill in a Tongyeong dialect. As the local association in Tongyeong gathered people throughout the nation in order to paint murals on the walls of Donpirang-gil Street, this hillside village on the sea has became a new place. Thanks to the participants' paintings, the village is revitalized by wall art.

.If you are a Song Joong Ki fans like me, you should have know about this Korean Drama 'The Innocent Man'.

There's this local famous snacks name 'Kkulbbang', which is a bread filled with honey.

While visiting Dongpirang, you should probably indulge yourself in one of the cafe and enjoy the spectacular view over Tongyeong!

Our day end with a seafood stew in a hotpot as dinner - '해물뚝배기'

.We walk like a local, eat like a local and drink like a local. You know the dinner is incomplete without a glass of Soju :) It was a great time having fun with people from different background and culture!
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  1. hi! thank you for sharing. just wondering if it's possible to explore both Geoje and Tongyeong in one day. I'll be travelling from Busan (by bus) and wonder how the transport is gonna be like, and if it's feasible to do this day trip. Thanks!

    1. Yes, we did it in just one day for these 2 places. Depart for Geoje in the morning and late afternoon to Tongyeong. We did this trip by booking a bus tour