Maldives the Paradise.

12:47:00 PM

Maldives, the paradise? Oh I've been here three times so far.

My imagination of Maldives, errr...just the same like others, those nice pictures, marvellous beaches, luxurious resorts etc.
Yaaaa that's all I can imagine before I reached!!
Sadly, we get to stay at the island of the airport.
Which is an island build with rocks around, no sandy beaches could be found :(

Okay, free trip by company I have got no complaints!

Now I'm gonna talk a little bit about Male, capital of Maldives.
From the airport itself, when you first step out
You'll see a port which full of boats from all sort of resorts and hotels.

Now if you already have your booking done earlier, they should be waiting for you at the arrival hall.
All you need to do is onboard the boats, and heading to the paradise :)

Well, for those who did not have any booking
You can find plenty of boats which is some kind like a cab who transfer people from and to Male city.

You can use USD here, it will cost USD1 to the city by boat.
Or..errr that's the only way I guess unless you want to swim over LOL.

Male city has nothing much to see, it's just a city with shops, cafe and restaurant.
There are two piers at Male city island,
one is to the airport and another one is to Villingili Island.
These two piers are separated, they are like one on the east and one the west.
You will need to take cab to each pier, or their public bus, like we did :)
It is advice that you have some local currency if you want to go around these two island.

All the restaurant accept USD but some small shops might not.

Villingili island has a few public beaches,
but the only thing is.... no bikini allowed, like Whatttt?!

If you are searching for crystal clear water, no worry the water is very clear all over :)

That's all about my days in Maldives, hope you enjoy it heheee.

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