Celebrate a colourful Mid-Autumn with Yong Sheng Moon Cake.

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Yong Sheng Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1952 in Muar, Johor, who specialize in Wedding and Full Moon Gift Set, Handmade Pastry, Hamper, Cookies, Little Nyonya Series and Worship Series in Malaysia.

In this coming Mid-Autumn festival, Yong Sheng offers not only traditional premium Moon Cake, but it brings you & your family a Premium Moon Cake Gift Box that filled with fun-color flavored Moon Cake!

One of the most awaited Moon Cake gift has always been the box itself, which you could see it every year this time around in the shopping mall. Yong Sheng Premium Moon Cafe Gift Box has a classic design with a Nyonya Girl on it, showing the tradition of Chinese who's living in Malaysia.

Nuna in The Wonderland Moon Cake 努娜~梦幻之旅 (RM 78.80)

Loving this colorful miniature moon cake that comes in a bite size! It is so considerate for those who's living alone or has a smaller appetite, now you do not need to worry that you couldn't finish up a moon cake after opening one.

Not only for the size of it is cute, but it comes in 8 new flavors :- Black Gold Sesame; Strawberry Kisses; Meet with Yam; Fragrance Durian; Acacia Red Bean; Amazing Chocolate; Uji Matcha; Enthusiasm Mango.

One bite of it tasted soft and tender, it tasted better with a balance sugar level! I personally don't take sweet snacks or food, and Yong Sheng makes the moon cake's sweetness just nice :)

Colour of Autumn 秋の色  (RM 55)

Don't quite like the miniature moon cake? Here's a normal size moon cake to serve you right. One box comes with 4 moon cake in it, and you get to choose the flavor you like.

Yong Sheng Premium Moon Cake Selection offers 18 types of flavor :- 

Green Tea Lemon;  Nyonya Delight;  Jade Moon Cake;  Sunrise Horizon;  Pearl In Jade;  Cherry Blossom;  Black Sesame Gingko;  Auspicious Moon Cake;  Durian Moon Cake;  Very Good Moon Cake;  Sugar Free White Lotus;  Nyonya Sambal;  Peach Blossom;  Single Yolk White Lotus;  White Lotus Paste;  Lotus Paste;  Pandan Lotus Paste;  Mixed Fruits Nut.

This is their new release moon cake flavor "Peach Blossom Moon Cake" that comes in 3 colors, it's made with 3 different ingredients such as Pandan Paste + Coconut Paste + Collagen.

Where to buy?

With 12 outlets through out Malaysia, which located mainly in Johor, as well as Malacca and Selangor, you could easily access to their shop - Yong Sheng Outlets

Even more convenient way by just simply visit their website and start order it online! - Yong Sheng Website

For online order, best to place an order before 25.09.2017 to ensure that you received it just in time before Mid-Autumn Festival.

Wishing you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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