【澳门,三盏灯】Eat like a local in Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, Macau.

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Rotunda de Carlos da Maia「嘉路米耶圓形地」, better known as Three Lamps District「三盞燈」 in local, is located in the San Antonio parish in a circular square that connects to five streets. 

As many Myanmar overseas Chinese living together nearby and set up restaurants in this area, Three Lamps District is known as the best place to taste authentic Myanmar cuisine, they called it "Macao Southeast Asian food concentration."「澳門東南亞美食集中地」

The local Macanese loves hanging around this area to look for food, and I came to know about this place through a local friend of mine :) And it was indeed, a good place to hunt for food!

Indonesian cuisine, Myanmar coconut chicken noodles, Fish soup noodles, Fried fish balls, Pig brain noodles, Laksa, Bak Kut Teh etc can be found here. Wait whattt Pig Brain Noodles?! Yes I wrote it right and you see it clear :D

1 - Meidan Indonesian Food「美丹印尼餐厅」

It's been here for 40 years old, the shop mainly engaged in traditional Indonesian dishes and Nanyang Flavor pastry snacks.

2 - Fong's Pork Trotters「馮記豬腳姜」

You will smell the scent of it when you first arrived in Three Lamps District! Fong's Pork Trotter with ginger and vinegar is known as the best in town. 

3 - Ya Sheng Myanmar Restaurant「雅馨緬甸美食餐廳」

They are famous for their Signature Myanmar coconut chicken noodles and fish soup noodles, with the homemade noodles by the shop owner.

4 - Cheng Qun Snacks Shop「成群小食店」

Unlike Ya Sheng Myanmar Restaurant which is popular among tourists, Cheng Qun is more likely to be the favourite of the locals! They have a Signature dishes of Fish Soup Noodles and Myanmar Dried Noodles.

5 - Tokyo Little Restaurant「東京小食館」

Don't be confuse by the name of the shop, Tokyo Little Restaurant isn't selling Japanese food, but famous for its Pig Brain Noodles! They say it taste really good, but I couldn't taste it just yet :( If anyone ever tasted it, do let me know how does it tastes like! :D

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  1. This is not fast food! An excellent list of restaurants. I know where you can tasty eat in San Antonio now.