PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Moisturising Cream.

1:20:00 PM

Thank You BFF! I just redeemed a product of PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Moisturising Cream! I believe most of you might never heard of this brand name PSK, well this is my first time using PSK product as well :)

A little story about PSK :

Year 2008: Rely on high-tech manufacturing and best natural ingredients, resulting in high quality products that make PSK a trusted and reliable skin care and cosmetics brand since the first time entered Taiwan market.

Year 2009: Enter China market with a big success, which rapidly spread across the nation including establishing our own store in several cities, such as Shanghai, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, etc.

Year 2010: Hand in hand with Taiwan Public Beauty Welfare, PSK has launched series of beauty products. Using "Continuous Beauty Care" as our philosophy, PSK continuously strive to provide the best and safest beauty care products for all of our customers.

Year 2011: PSK with continuous improvements that make you experience the true meaning of beauty.

This product is simply so easy and good to use as it comes from the depth of the sea, bring forth natural moisturizing cream that give 24-hour skin moisturizing protection.

Most of all, its glutinous, but non-sticky cream that will dissolve quickly, provide your skin with natural moisturizer needed, and give all-day-long skin protection for your shiny and healthy skin. Just a minute later after application, it penetrate quickly into skin.

It is suitable for all skin type, even like mine, I have a sensitive skin but I can feel how it calms and soothes my skin, leaving my skin relaxing and revitalizing for a softer, soother and shinier skin!

You may check out more details on BFF site!

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