[ENG TRANS] 时尚 COSMO SEMPTEMBER 2016, Lee Soo Hyuk Interview.

5:49:00 PM

Lee Soo Hyuk - Friends gathering is better than a lonely scenery.
In the Korean Model Industry, Lee Soo Hyuk is the Top Level Representative;
In the Fashion World,  he is the Icon that major brands competing to invite;
His opinion and taste towards fashion was being imitating but never been transcended;
Transition to be an actor, he has been working hard with various roles to break his inherent look;
and his circle of friends, is simply the Korean Entertainment Industry top models gathering.

Replay Q&A -
COSMO : The character of Choi Geon-Wook/Gary Choi (Lucky Romance Drama)  is a pure, variant type of guy, is it similar to your personality?
Lee Soo Hyuk : Not similar, this character might be the most sentimental one that I've ever act before.

COSMO : Have you fully integrated into an actor?
Lee Soo Hyuk : So far, I can not create a character, to decide "What kind of person is he". And now standing in my position, thinking, "If I were him, how would I do it". Therefore at this moment, I can only find a role in my own. I will do my best to understand the role every time when I received a script, in order to achieve a better result.

COSMO : The cumulative of roles make it easier for you to face the job now?
Lee Soo Hyuk : Compare to previous, I enjoy life seriously every day now, I gain a lot of confidence and feel more relaxed in the shooting scene. Especially when everyone recognize different look from me, I've becoming more ambitious in this job, and soon there will be new works to show to everyone.

COSMO : How important is body figure to you?
Lee Soo Hyuk : The reason I started to exercise mainly because I received a lot of attention from being a model, but after the actor's life began, the attention that I gained as a model has certain limit, many directly think that "Lee Soo Hyuk only suitable for such role". In order to break this prejudice, I took a rest for 2 years, taking courses during the rest, also go for travel, go for Paris Fashion Show, to seek for the possibility of being an actor. In that period of time, I gained some weight, therefore I started to exercise, and the effect was good. It is important for me to keep my body figure, especially for shaping the role. 

COSMO : How do you define beauty? Skinny is beautiful, do you agree?
Lee Soo Hyuk : I don't quite agree with that. Everyone has a different standards to define beauty. Everyone has a beautiful side, and the attractive side. There's no way to define beauty as everyone has their own beauty and style, we can't give it a definition.

COSMO : How do you relax yourself when you're not working?
Lee Soo Hyuk : Previously, I have a indistinct dream of becoming an "actor", hence trying to feel a lot of things from artist's point of view, also see a lot of films, and thus it forms my current style. But now is a little different, even if there's no schedule, I would find things to do, go for exercise, attending courses in order to not let myself being too free.

COSMO team took the last chance to ask Lee Soo hyuk about the places that he constantly appear, hoping to encounter an unpredictable chance to see him and his friend's gathering.

He often went to places - near the Gyeongbokgung Palace, there are a lot of exhibition hall and beautiful cafe which is my favourite.

His recommended Korean food - Bingsu, Korean Bingsu response in the Asian region was very good, it's suitable for such a hot weather, and there are many types of Korean Bingsu available too. There are already many well-known Korean cuisine, hence I would like to recommend a special one.

Secret hangout place of him and friends - My friend and I sometimes go to Han River, sometimes playing basketball, sometimes riding a bike. The scenery was good and weather is cool. Most of the times we can't feel the change of seasons if we only stay in the city, but if in Han River, we get to know what season it is with first glimpse, I like that feeling.

Which place that is most likely to meet him - Gym, recently has been in TV series frequently, so I don't go to public places often. But I will still go to gym regularly, my friends and I are regular customers in gym.

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