Blogging is not only about photos.

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My blog should be long gone few years back, and ever since social media is so easily accessible by apps on the phone, everyone seems to be posting photos more than speaking a word. It says pictures speak louder than words or it speaks a thousand words, I couldn't agreed it more. In this century, everyone loves to treat their eyes with beautiful and nice photos. By posting food porn, ootd etc etc to gain likes and popularity, but does it really helps to speak a thousand words? A photo can shows you about how pretty is the thing, however it can't tell you the true story behind it.

I return to blogging 2 years ago, but then I did not stay active in my blog, leaving it hanging in the air LOL. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you would definitely see me flying in and out very frequently. As you can see in my blog title, I do love travelling, like a lot, and it makes me a good story teller about places where I've been to, sharing information and experiences, I feel so exciting whenever someone is willing to listen to my stories, because I am all ready to listen to them as well.

I was once told by a friend, "Wernling, you really inspire me, you go many places, see many things, learn many things. I hopes in the coming years you will go more places, and when we meet again, you have the most stories to tell us." I can't deny it, being inspiring really makes me feel good :D

I love exchanging travel experiences with people that I met, because everyone is different while planning their trip, and things that I've done they might not know it, or places they've been to might be unknown to me. Some people do it luxury way, some people do it economy way, and some backpacking all the way. Myself, I prefer to do it economy and mix a little backpacker way :) 

I write my blog base on what information I needed when I do a research about places, like the way of getting to here and there, the tips of travelling in the city, is it worth it to take taxi or subway, what kind of local food and the cost of accommodation, food and transportation.

I don't want to be a blog that shares only beautiful photos and pretty faces, without telling about the story behind. I mean like, we can see most of the photos in social media account, the reason I came into a blog is to read, and not to see.

I don't mind if my blog is favorable by how many people out there, I just wanted to share my experiences, that's all. I wanted it to be like my own diary, jotting down places and story, for my own reference in future, and most probably I would be more than happy if my blog could be your reference in your future plan too :)

Writing is about inspiring people, I guess that's why you read thousands of book to get inspired by it, isn't it? I know is far too far for my blog to have inspired some one, but at least.. please don't let blogging die, we put our effort to write and share our thoughts, sitting hour and hour in front of computer, trying our best to deliver information to you.. Try to appreciate every blog you've run through, don't let them die for no reason because sharing is caring :)

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