How to connect Facebook, Instagram or Google when travel in China?

12:01:00 AM

China is well-known for its Internet Censorship as you can't log on some social media and sites given to forum-style discussions such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter etc, predominantly those which permit free interaction between people.

Thus you will find Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social network sites are not available in mainland China. Travelers to Hong Kong and Macau will have normal access to these sites.

As a social media players, can anyone actually live without connecting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? I can stay disconnect with those accounts for the short period of travel, but the most important thing to me is to access Google! I have been heavily rely on Google and I sincerely can't live without it LOL.

Although there is some alternative way if you are dependent on Google's services, such as consider to use Bing Maps, or having another e-mail service, such as outlook.com poll your Gmail accounts for their e-mails — prior to your departure.

However, the best way is still to invest in a VPN to visit foreign websites when you're in China.

The first thing came into my mind when I heard of travel to China was about this concern, and immediately I went online to look for the best VPN connection prior to my departure!

I downloaded a few VPN apps on my phone, as I find out that the free usage is limited and I don't really wish to pay for upgrading for such a short trip, and hoping to find one that has got unlimited access. 

Well, not every thing turns out to be as you wish some times, the first thing after landed in Shanghai, immediately I tried on connecting every single VPN apps, unfortunately non of it works! Yes, NON OF IT :(

I go on App Store in search for New VPN App, and god hears me, I found one amazing VPN with unlimited access for FREE! So here I would like to share this Amazing VPN :) Hope to smooth out your trip to China! 

I am not sure about Android, but it looks like this on IOS : 

Every time when the VPN is connected, the server will be from different country.

I've been connecting it every single day during my 2 weeks trip in Shanghai and Beijing, and it works so well :) 

It's FREE, it's so EASY, and most of all so EFFICIENT!

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