Travel from Seoul City to Incheon International Airport with BUXI.

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There are several different ways to travel to downtown Seoul from Incheon International Airport, the most popular and fastest ways is taking the Airport Railroad Express (AREX). Similarly, Seoul Metropolitan Subway and Airport Limousine buses are the other cheaper way to travel to Seoul City. Taxis are available in the airport, however the price might be different depends on the traffic as it follows by the meter.

In spite of that, today I am introducing this new application named BUXI App, the easiest way of going from airport to hotel and vice versa! BUXI is a convenient ride sharing service that has highly maintained vans and drivers to pick you up for each way from or to airport.

Personally thinks that this is the best way to get to airport from hotel mainly because of the suitcases. You might not want to think of dragging your suitcases and bags from hotel and walk all the way to the train or bus station. Trust me, I DID this before and I nearly broke my hand..... even my suitcase were broken in the end!

Especially travelling to Seoul, you don't want to tell me that you never do any shopping at all right? Even if you don't shop, if its in winter, I believe you'll have a heavy suitcase too?

After so many times of flying to Seoul, I wish I knew about BUXI earlier! What is better than picking up door to door with a private van at an affordable price? Let me do a comparison.

Airport Railroad Express (AREX) - KRW 14,800
Seoul Metropolitan Subway ( All Stops Train ) - KRW 4,250
Airport Shuttle Bus - KRW 10,000-12,000
Taxi - base fare for a regular taxi KRW 3,000 first 2km, base fare for deluxe & jumbo taxis KRW 5,000.

My ride with BUXI from Hapjeong, Hongdae to Airport - $18 (KRW 20,000)

By paying only KRW 20,000 per person, I get to avoid from carry a 25KG suitcase and 7KG hand-carry bag, dragging it up and down staircase to get to train station! Isn't it worth to pay that amount?

Booking can be easily made with the convenient on the app -

You can always trace your booking ticket in the app and there is a process bar showing when the car is on the way to pick you up.

Upon confirmation, you will received an email with the details as follow:

Vehicle assignment info (vehicle/driver info.) will be sent to you by 10pm a day before, through text/push messages. After the assignment, changing reservation is unavailable.

Please check your reservation details a day or two before.
※ We guarantee to assign vehicles for all “Booked” tickets. (check ticket status)

* Full Refund: By 8pm, a day before the ride date
* Half Refund: 8pm~12am, a day before the ride date
* No Refund: Cancel on the ride date or No-Show
(Partial refund is unavailable for foreign card & Alipay. 0% refund after 8pm, a day before ride)

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  1. Thats a neat trick! I shall keep in mind on this app when i visit Korea next time ;)

  2. Great experience and look so comfortable too. I took airport shuttle back then...

  3. Thanks for the information, I will take note on that. Perhaps try it on my next trip when i go to seoul.

  4. this is great... will keep this in mind for my next trip to Korea... huhuhu

  5. I am envious! so badly need to go out and explore the world...coughs just japan and korea actually... thanks for the tips!

  6. wow seems like really great service. will use it when next visit to Seoul

  7. Korea is on my list from so long but dont know when I will be visiting.

  8. Thanks for sharing elaborately about the app. Buxi seems convenient and reliable.

  9. woot woot.. bring me to explore the world toooooooooooooooooo. :P

  10. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. That cheap using buxi and comfortable. I will install and use buxi when in Seoul.