[ENG TRANS] 时尚 COSMO SEMPTEMBER 2016, T.O.P Interview.

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Translation was made by myself, I hope I translated it correctly and in an understanding way :)

Choi Seung Hyun's combination of acting and personal colour is accompanied by the rise of the Korean Wave, Korean Music has been very popular in local Korea makes it a popular trend for young people. To be the World Class Idol has been the ultimate goal of Korea's Entertainment Industry, and 10 years ago Choi Seung Hyun is still a newbie in this industry. There's a famous study says of "Ten Thousand Hour's Law", and now, BIGBANG members have been working together far more than 10,000 hours, they said : Korea is 'small', but we want to do 'big' music. By then, they became Korean's Top Boy Group, making in to international slowly. As a rapper in this group, TOP low magnetic voice is the focus of the whole group. He is not picky, do not follow rules but only by being himself, he walks through until today to be very good at music and acting. If a successful were to become a movie, the only subtitle would be : T.O.P aka Choi Seung Hyun.

Replay Q & A -
COSMO : Do you think you are a hard-working artist?
T.O.P : I do not seem to understand the concept and standards of that "hard-working", at least I will try not to use the ideology of the most elementary hard-working that everyone thinks of, for example repeating practices. However, I will work hard to let myself experience more in the process, and from the process I will find my one and only way to express my own colour. I will be more considerate about these kind of questions and to not stop exploring about it.

COSMO : Is the character that you're acting as an "International Special Police" in the movie of "Out Of Control" a challenge to you?
T.O.P : There are a lot of people who have asked me if I have a character that I wanted to challenge before, I've never given a positive answer. I did make a joke for once during an interview that I wanted to challenge the character of being "Psycho". In fact, I think not to say what kind of role to challenge, but I will pay more attention to what's the role carried for, and to think whether if my age is suitable to take this role. This question is often asked by myself.

COSMO : In order to get a better result of this role, did you do any special training or preparation?
T.O.P : Did a mental preparation, Hehheh. There are many dangerous action in the script, so I will try not to let myself being too relax. Because if I were too relax it'll be easier to get hurt, and the consequences will affect on the whole production team, that is why I will keep myself in a nervous mode to finish up every dangerous action.

COSMO : You were acting very great in "Tazza 2", in comparison, what will you look forward in this new movie?
T.O.P : Because it is the first time, the first time are more special. That is why I put more attention into it, since this is my first Chinese movie for Chinese fans in China, and to those who has yet to know about me, this is the first time I am showing myself to them. For that reason, I will put more attention and effort into preparation.

COSMO : As an actor, do you adhere to any bottom line?
T.O.P : I was debut as a singer that's right, but it's not because I was singing for too long only I make a transition to an actor. I started to act after a year of debut, and its almost 8 years until now. Perhaps, many remember me for my first appearance (as a singer), but to me, "Singer" and "Actor" are just similar. Both are my job, and its a job that I wanted from innermost being. So there are many similarities and these performance are from my experience. So in this process, it doesn't has to deliberately customize a principle or bottom line, this is my principle. Because as an actor, I do not want any restrictions, but of course the basic moral is a must. Holding the identity as an actor, we must not limit our thinking but to always think out of the box, otherwise you won't be showing any special or new things. That is why I often think in a different way rather than the normal principle, or even trying out new things that is disagree by other.

COSMO : Did your actor friends given you any help on your performance?
T.O.P : Not exactly any specific help, because this job is a challenge of myself towards myself, no one can give you the right answer. Different people in different time periods will have different experiences and ideas, for example, because I am young hence I will have a brave young ideas which may give each other some influence. If the ideas sometimes touch the bottom line between the danger, we will have some reminder, but does not restrict each other. This is the industry, no one can give you a prompt and most correct line and direction. We are completely different from the individual, the exchange between some of the most is inspiration.

COSMO : How would you describe "Actor Choi Seung Hyun"?
T.O.P : There is no fixed modifier, is not easy to describe an actor. For example, fans that knowing me for such a long time, didn't even know who I am exactly.

COSMO : Many people like your voice, do you think your voice is sexy?
T.O.P : NO!

COSMO : Then how would you describe your voice?
T.O.P : Of course I am confident with my voice, after all a singer only rely on their voice, so I recognized my voice as attractive, but will not define this charm as sexy.

COSMO : Do you think you are a humorous man?
T.O.P : YES! Indeed very humorous.

COSMO : Was the humor inherent or life-related?
T.O.P : I think this is a person's sense, this is not something that would be able to learn or do it day after tomorrow.

COSMO : As a web celebrity, how long would you play on your phone every day?
T.O.P : Randomly, not necessarily.

COSMO : Will you spend much time on selfie?
T.O.P : Not very good at taking selfie.

COSMO : That's not right, we've seen you posted many of your selfie online?!
T.O.P : It is only taken occasionally before work, just to check on my condition, I never really taken any selfie before I started SNS.

COSMO : "Ghost Master", "Choi Three Pieces", "Choi Web Celebrity" which nickname do you like the most?
T.O.P : Not any of it. (Seeing our surprise faces) Okay lah! Like it all.

COSMO : Feeling not truth?
T.O.P : Really like it all, good good. (speak in Chinese)

COSMO : What would you like to say to 30-year-old self?
T.O.P : Nothing.

COSMO : Which first time that is unforgettable to you?
T.O.P : Of course, is the first love. (shy)

COSMO : If one day you met your ideal half, will you share it with your fans?
T.O.P : No. (answer in a firm way)

COSMO : Will you forget the other 4 members after having a wife?
T.O.P : It's already like that even without having a wife! (laugh)

COSMO : Would you like to say something to a plump girl?
T.O.P : I like plump girl.

COSMO : Do you like the most of your face, body or voice?
T.O.P : Inner beauty! Kind-hearted.

COSMO : There is no this option.
T.O.P : Then can I choose all!

COSMO : How would you criticize your dance?
T.O.P : No comment.

T.O.P  most difficult to understand is myself.

Most of the fans are happy to give their own idol a definition, TOP in the eyes of fans is a little cute and arrogant chairman, a mysterious artist son, but to him, he said "to be a flower that doesn't know when will become withered, I would rather be tough like weeds that survived like people in general. Flower is an creation, weed is an innovation." This is TOP most impressive award-winning speech, although having the capabilities like flower, but choose to be the endless weeds without hesitation, rather than to create the unknown, he chose to actively change this moment. Some people say TOP is the solemn childish under the appearance of a strange whim, he decisively admitted. He said he did not understand what kind of person he is, so in the eyes of the public he became the best of the best idols - burdenless yet responsible. 

Replay Q&A -
COSMO : Knowing about your interest towards art, we've specially prepare a graffiti, do you like it?
T.O.P : Like it a lot, feel your intentions.

COSMO : Often see you posted some furniture design on Instagram, what is your thoughts whenever a design draw your attention?
T.O.P : Inspiration, that could show something new. Because if you want to show things that are fresh and beautiful to people, you must first feel the "fresh" and "beauty".

COSMO : Do you collect pieces of art?
T.O.P : Yes, I like to go to art exhibition.

COSMO : In future, will we have the chance to know Choi Seung Hyun as an artist (particularly in art) ?
T.O.P : No, because singer and actor are also an artist. If different from these, the artist that you mean will never.

COSMO : There is description that you are a cool appearance under the childish whimsy, will you refuse it?
T.O.P : I don't refuse, I was thinking the same too. Due to my appearance many often think that I am cool, but obviously its not, just like you said.

COSMO : On stage generally it would be five of you, do you feel lonely after slowly becoming working alone?
T.O.P : Of course lonely. We are lonely when five were together too, and now that's even more lonely!

COSMO : How will it be lonely when 5 together?
T.O.P : Everyone's life is lonely.

COSMO : After how long will you miss the younger brothers without seeing them?
T.O.P : This miss is very random, very temporary, after all, they are not my wife. But, for example, when eating something delicious or go to a fun place then I will still miss, thinking that it would be great to enjoy the "goodness" together.

COSMO : What do you think the most important thing to keep the relation long and strong?
T.O.P : This doesn't need to deliberate efforts because it is not through the efforts to do it, I think this is a fate, and mutual understanding. The 5 of us met and being together, it is amazing when think about it.

COSMO : When making friends, what attracts you the most?
T.O.P : First I will observe each other, not to say starring at each other, but to observe from far how a person looks like when working hard, to see if it has anything different, something that could attracts my interest. Regardless of strength or weakness, even if its weakness it must have some special in it, as long as it attracts me, curiosity will makes me becomes spontaneous.

COSMO : In expression of feelings, are you a very direct person?
T.O.P : No, not good at expressing. And there's no specific expression, different time and different situations will have different expressions.

COSMO : Will you show it obviously if you like or dislike a person?
T.O.P : Obvious when I was young, disliking too many things, and now becoming lesser. But to those that I hated, it's still very obvious as I am not good in tolerate.

COSMO : Does your friend list grows after being mature?
T.O.P : Understanding is getting greater now, but I don't have many friends, and not willing to make too many. Friends from childhood is still here, but friends that I make after being in the society I will still keep a distance in between.

COSMO : Was it difficult to become your friend?
T.O.P : Because I am not good in interacting with strangers, or playing together.

COSMO : Besides from acting, singing, dancing, producing, do you want to challenge the other?
T.O.P : No. My challenge should be only against singing or acting, I do not want to be too greedy to do the others, as I just want to do well of what I am doing now, will not go for others.

COSMO : What is still difficult to you?
T.O.P : The most difficult is myself. I do not know what kind of person I am, I don't know what do I want, or what do I think. But for specific details of work, I do not have that kind of hesitation.

COSMO : Are you a well-plan person?
T.O.P : I don't think so, not only not knowing how to plan, but also not good in calculating. I do not determine one thing rationally, but more to improvisation, so that it will be more sensibility.

COSMO : This year marks the 10th Anniversary of BIGBANG, what do you wish for?
T.O.P : I wish that every member stays healthy and happy, it sounds very simple, but this is the basic, the simplest and yet most difficult dream to achieve. Just as the time goes, we could still stay healthy, happy. Because our relationship were particularly good since young, so I don't ask for others.

COSMO : BIGBANG is 10 years old now, do you still remember the 10-year-old self?
T.O.P : I remember at that time my curiosity was very strong, I wanted to know a lot of things.

COSMO : Birthday wishes, does all accomplished?
T.O.P : We don't really make a birthday wish. Isn't it should be blessing on the birth day? (TOP initiate that Korean doesn't make birthday wishes but only getting blesses that is good enough.)

COSMO : What kind of blessing do you wish to have?
T.O.P : First, the question above I can still answer it, god has been good to my life until now, as what I wish for has been comes true.

COSMO : So what kind of blessing do you wish from us?
T.O.P : I wish to be happy.

COSMO : What is your definition of happy?
T.O.P : Just as everyone thinks, happy. Cheerful, blessed.

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