7 Reasons Why I Love Visiting Korea!

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Ever since my first trip to South Korea back in 2012, I was deeply in love with this place! Counting on how many times have I been to Korea, a total of FIVE (5) times and honestly, I still can't get enough!

Even though many of my friends didn't understand why I love travelling to Korea so much, well I don't deny that part of my trips were for BigBang :) But besides that, there are more reasons of why I should definitely going back to Korea, exploring new places each time when I was there.

In any regard, I want all of my friends, fellow travelers and backpackers, readers and followers, everyone in my network to know that South Korea is a remarkable place in every category across the board, I am trying to spread the word that this city is absolutely incredible!

1) Great Authentic Korean Cuisine

People often known Korean Cuisine for the famous Korean BBQ, and it's a pity that many other great food is not known by foreigners. I have a favourite list of must eat whenever I am in Seoul :)

Yukhoe 육회 - is a raw dish which are usually made from raw beef seasoned with various spices or sauces. It is basically a Korean steak tartare. Usually the most tender part of beef will be used. The beef is thinly julienned with the fat removed, then mixed with seasoning.

Gejang 게장 - is a salted fermented seafood which is made by marinating fresh raw crabs either in ganjang (soy sauce) or in a sauce based on chili pepper powder.

Jajangmyeon 자장면 - is a noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste when unheated), diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.

Jjamppong 짬뽕 - is a Korean spicy noodle soup flavoured with seafood and gochugaru (red pepper powder).

Gamjatang 감자탕 -  is a spicy Korean soup made from the spine of a pig. It often contains potatoes, cellophane noodles, dried daikon radish greens, perilla leaves, green onions, hot peppers and ground sesame seeds.

2) Shopping Heaven

Korean fashion has been a hit trend nowaday in worldwide, and not only the fashion but also their beauty products and cosmetics are the trademark of Korea now!

The greatest thing of shopping in Korea is that you get to get Tax Refund which makes shopping even more affordable. If you're there at the right time, you should probably catch their crazy grand sales!

Here are some of things that I would never miss out buying - Face Mask, Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Sneakers and Sport Shoes.

3) Amazing Nightlife

The nightlife in Seoul feels like a nonstop party, and drinking alcohol is a frequent social event among friends. Many people imbibe local rice liquor called soju, which is normally served in a green glass bottle. It's similar to sake of Japan, but soju is actually the most popular liquor sold in the world.

Places that I enjoy the most in Seoul - Hongdae, Gangnam, Itaewon, Apgujeong.

Whether you like to kick back and enjoy a beer with some friends, or dance at a nightclub, Seoul has something for you. Head to Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae to experience the best after-hours entertainment — almost nothing closes until the sun rises.

4) Incredible Scenery

There are too many interesting places with great scenery in Korea, I can't list it all and that's ONE of the TOP REASON why I keep going back to Korea!

Listing here is the places that I HAVE NOT been to yet :

Many are familiar with Moses dividing the Red Sea, but this biblical story has its own, more scientifically plausible version on Seonjaedo.

At low tide, the ocean parts to reveal a sandy path from Seonjaedo to the smaller satellite island of Mok. Who knew the city of Incheon, best known for its airport, had such a patch of natural beauty?

The rocky, diminutive (6.47 square kilometers) Hongdo, with its killer sunrises and wealth of peculiar rock formations, has been likened to a flower floating on the water.

Named for the crimson light that envelops the entire island at sunset (hong is Korean for "crimson"), Hongdo's 6.47 square kilometers is home to about 270 subspecies of evergreen and about 170 species of animals.

This popular vacation destination is the major fishery of the eastern coast -- that is, even more so than all the other coastal fishing villages along Korea's peninsular shoreline.

This, as we know by now, translates into good seafood. Ulleungdo's signature catch is the cuttlefish.

Otherwise the island is packed with dazzling little nooks -- caves, waterfalls, seaside walks and ancient trees -- all very well-equipped for visitors.

Somaemuldo, one of Hallyeo Hasesang (Maritime) National Park's main attractions, actually owes a great deal of its popularity to another tiny island right off its own coast.

The "Deungdaeseom" or "Lighthouse Island" is nonetheless still considered a part of Somaemuldo, much in the same way that even if you eat a cookie crumb, you're still kind of eating the cookie.

5) Outdoor Activities

One of my favourite things to do is outdoor activities whenever I travel! I will always look for some trail to hike, or playing water sports, paragliding, skydiving etc. Isn't it fascinating to try all of these? :)  South Korea does have many such outdoor activities that you can find, even around Seoul. If I get a chance to go to Seoul, I would definitely like to check out these places :

Bukhansan - at 836m height Bukhansan may not sound like the most impressive mountain to hike however should you decide to venture up Seoul’s tallest peak. They say "Hiking Bukhansan is the best way to experience the beauty of Seoul and even Korea", as Bukhansan is one of then most beautiful places in Korea and it is also one of Korea's National Parks.

Hallasan in Jejudo - The volcanic peak is South Korea's highest point at 1950 meters. Although the mountain can be seen from all points on the island, the peak is often hidden by clouds. Halla-san is one of three notable mountains in Korea and has been designated Natural Monument.

6) Historical Places

In every country has its own history, and all of them shine in their own way to show how amazing was the architecture back in those day without technology. I do enjoy experiencing the good-old-times while wearing the beautiful traditional dress - Hanbok!

7) K-Pop Lifetime Experience

Go get a lifetime experience by going to a K-Pop concert, you'll understand why the fans from all around the world are crazy over them! Korea Entertainment Industry is growing bigger and better day by day, pretty sure you'll one artist that you like.

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