Cherry Blossom One Day in Gangneung, South Korea.

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I have always wanted to see cherry blossom, and when I found out that it actually can be seen in Korea other than Japan, I made my trip immediately :)

As you know, catching cherry blossom can be disappointing as it blooms according to the local weather and especially with the global warming situation, it could be hard to predict. Most of the time, you need luck to see it.

In Korea, you may be able to see cherry blossom in different area and usually in March, Korea Tourism Organization will release a picture showing the period where cherry blossom can be seen in which area.

I was lucky enough to plan my trip in 4th - 9th April 2019, and just in time to catch the cherry blossom festival in Gangneung. The trip was really enjoyable :)

One day tour in gangneung - 

Pick up at 07:30am in Hongik University Station, and depart to Gangneung. The bus journey is around 3 hours and we arrived in Gyeongpo Lake at 11:00am. Upon approaching, cherry blossom can be seen along the roadside. I have booked the tour with Bike included, hence we have 1.5 hour to pedal along Gyeongpo Lake to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom. Honestly, 1.5 hour was too short for this beautiful scenery!

Then we off to Gangneung Jungang Market for lunch, which is only 20mins away. Here in the market they have the best fried chicken, and I really love this cheese fried pancake!

After lunch, we were then drop off in Anmok Beach, also name the coffee street to have a coffee break. And then, we are getting to the famous filming location of K-Drama "Goblin - Yeongjin Beach and Jumunjin Breakwater.

Walk along Cheongsihaeng Beach for BTS Bus Stop, which appear in their MV of "You never walk alone". Then we are off to Seoul with 3 hour journey back.

I really enjoy the trip especially our tour guide is so friendly and so funny :D Book your tour now with TRAZY

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