My Self-Drive Trip in Jeju Island.

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Jeju Island, also known as the "Island of the Gods," is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and foreigners. It remains the top honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds. A place that will never get enough visiting, I've been there three times now and I can't stop but still wanting for more.

Although it was called an island, but Jeju is big enough that you'll definitely need a car to drive around in order to save your time on traveling with the only Public Transport - Buses.

Driving in Jeju island isn't a challenge, the only challenge you might face is that their rental GPS comes in Korean and some places can only be searched by using Korean words. We tried both english and phone number it somehow didn't work. Well we're lucky to have known a little of Korean.

Now here's the question, what is actually so interesting in Jeju island? Apparently it has nothing but yet everything. In case if you don't know, Jeju is a volcanic island, with the central feature of Hallasan, the tallest mountain in South Korea and a dormant volcano, which rises 1,950 meters above sea level. I'm pretty sure you must have heard a lot about Jeju Volcanic beauty products.

1) Jeju Donsadon Restaurant

Yes, Jejudo is famous with its black pork BBQ and you can't come here without having a try! Not to mention that Donsadon Restaurant is Big Bang member's favourite restaurant, they serve the best black pork in the town! You'll never regret even there's a queue in every evening time. They somehow close quite early at 10.30pm.

Address : 15 Gwangpyeongdong-ro, Nohyeong-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea.

2) Jeju Shinhwa World

Tourism Jeju has been promoting Jeju Shinhwa World lately, especially with the visa-free to Jeju Island for those who needs a Korea Visa. However it doesn't seem to be a successful project. Nevertheless, we were here for G-Dragon, who was the ambassador for Jeju Shinhwa World. 

YG Company has several stores located in Shinhwa World, especially the Untitled Cafe by G-Dragon. And I believe it worth a visit too if you're not going for the theme park or a fan of G-Dragon.

3) Osulloc Tea Museum

Do I need to say more about it? Osulloc Tea Museum was a hit now and before, and it's all about green tea. Typically feeling very stupid when taking pictures in the large green tea field LOL.

4) Sanbangsan

My TOP recommended place of all. Sanbangsan Mountain is the result of violent volcanic activity some 700,000 to 800,000 years ago and is in fact a huge body of lava. As its name ‘sanbang’ – literally meaning ‘a cave inside a mountain’ – suggests, this mountain contains a cave, which is located about 150m above sea level and has a spectacular view out over the ocean.

5) Jusangjeolli Cliff

Jusangjeolli are stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jeju Island. Jusangjeolli Cliff was formed when the lava from Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun. They are rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons of various sizes and almost seem as if stone masons had carved them out.

You'll need to pay entrance fee and I personally think that Sanbangsan is more beautiful compare to this.

6) Hallasan National Park

As mention earlier, Hallasan the central feature in Jejudo, rises up proudly from the center of Jeju Island and is perhaps the island’s most memorable landmarks. Hallasan Mountain is relatively easy to hike. With hiking courses less than 10 km in length, it is possible to go to the peak and back in one day. However, the constantly changing weather brings a lot of wind, so make sure that you are well prepared before you start climbing.

7) Sangumburi Crater

Sangumburi is a crater with a circumference of over 2 km, and has been designated as a Natural Monument. It is located on the southeast side of Jeju-si, and is a flat crater, about 650 meters wide, 100 meters deep, and 2,070 meters in circumference. 

If you look at the crater from above up, it looks like a man-made circular stadium. There is a variety of plant-life in the crater. On the north side, Nandaeseong vegetation such as red-thorn trees, and magnolia trees grow, along with the rare winter strawberries. On the south side of the crater, Ondaerim vegetation such as evergreens, maples, and mountain strawberry trees cover the area. Because so many different kinds of trees and plants grow in such a limited space, it attracts the attention of researchers as well.

8) Go Karting

At Jeju Leports Land, you'll get to experience go karting at Korea's largest unrivaled 1km long go kart track. Nothing particularly special about this activity except it was one of the places where Big Bang came for video shooting of "We like 2 party". Well I saw some other Korean Celebrities came here as well with their picture hanging on the wall.

9) Cafe 2085

Just an ordinary cafe with beautiful vintage decoration. We passes by this cafe casually and thought it might be interesting to give a visit. 

Address 2085, Seonheul-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Phone Number 010-4228-1729

10) Seafood Hot Pot

One of the popular local delicacies that you may see it any where around Jejudo. One delicious thing I like about Seafood hot pot in Jeju is that they serve fresh and live abalone and it's the bomb! Truly fresh and delicious.

11) Woljeongri Beach

Apart from Sanbangsan, Woljeongri Beach is the 2nd place that I strongly recommended. Woljeongri Beach is known for its scenery, tranquil white sand and beautiful emerald ocean. 

Near the beach, a stretch of cozy and beautiful cafes align the streets. Simply dine in one of your favourite cafe and enjoy a breezy day in this beach!

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