Sky Walk by AJ Hackett at Macau Tower.

7:44:00 PM

Ever heard of Bungy Jump in Macau? Yes, the Guinness World Record in the Sky of Macau! The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump is 233m / 764ft high, making this jump a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world.

But today, I am going to share about my Sky Walk experience at Macau Tower instead of Bungy Jump :) Because they were all too pricey and I would rather spend the money for skydiving than bungy jumping.

In order to get up for the walk, you'll first need an entrance ticket to the top of Macau Tower. And then, follow by the ticket for Sky Walk, Sky Jump or Tower Climb.

Sky Walk Inclusive Price - MOP 788 for first time, and MOP 299 for second time.

What's worth it with MOP 788 price is it includes certificate, membership card, USB, exclusive T-shirt and tower ticket. For individual entrance ticket to observation decks only itself costs MOP 145.

And for first timer, you had no choice but only to wear the provided T-shirt, if you were to walk for the second time then you will be able to wear your own clothes.

Standing on top of 233m above ground, I thought I wouldn't fear of the height since I did skydive before. But truth to be told, I still feel scary when did all the things that were told to do while doing the sky walk :D

Overall, it was an enjoyable walk. The only thing we might not like it is that we can't bring our own phones and camera. There will be a camera man following your group throughout the time and taking your pictures and videos. After the walk, each and everyone will then given a USB to bring home.

For the price of MOP 788, I think it's still worth a try!

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