Let's celebrate a better and brighter Chinese New Year 2017 together with TNB!

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Chinese New Year 2017 is just around the corner now, well this year, TNB has came out with an interesting webfilm to encourage everyone to celebrates this prosperity season together. You know it'll gets better and brighter when we gather together for the celebrations, as Chinese New Year is a time for families to put aside all differences and reunite!

Have you seen the latest webfilm by TNB yet? If you haven't, you should probably spend a few minutes for the Cooking Hustle by TNB Chinese New Year 2017.

I love how this webfilm carry out messages to all of us who celebrates CNY 2017, it doesn't matter if you know how to cook or not, it doesn't matter which dishes are the best, but all it matters is to celebrates together :)

The most important part of celebrating Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner that we had a day before the 1st day of New Year, some of you may have simple dishes for the dinner, or some of you may have your dinner outside in a restaurant, but no matter when and where it is, what more important than the dishes on the reunion table are the people sitting at the table.

We may have different personalities and attitudes, we may clash during reunions, but it is our differences that give the occasion its unique flavour, just like all the different Chinese New Year dishes.

TNB has also launched a special site to delight this festive a little - Table of Harmony.

Table of Harmony is a simple test to find out about you and unveil which dishes best represent you, here's my results -

Prawn Counting Golden Coins 金钱虾球 - Your sharp mind and careful nature makes you great with money.

Let's join me to unveil which dishes well represent you :) Visit https://betterbrighter.my/tableofharmony

When we work together with family, there is no challenge that can’t be overcome. Happy moments are made even better when everyone is together.

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