Turning a little Grey from Blonde :)

8:42:00 PM

I've been blonde for quite some times, since August 2015 until last May 2016, when I finally make a decision to change the colour. First, I wanted to be blonde, so I went to a salon and get my hair whole bleached, and colour a little yellowish. Then, I wanted to have colourful colours, but I can't make a decision on which colour because I know every colour will not stay longer than 2 weeks :(

Being such a long hair blonde, it ain't easy to take care, I had hard time drying my hair, and it makes me lazier and lazier to have a hair wash LOL.

Until last May 2016, I got bored with my blonde eventually and wanted some changes, so I went to my hairstylist showing all colours that I wanted, and end up I choose grey, since those light colour wouldn't stay longer than a week.

My hair stylist mix a colour for me and it turns out quite nice :) Ta-daa.

However, as usual, the grey didn't stay long as well.. but.. but.. the colour fade off nicely! Even during my last hair cut, the hair dresser ask me about the colour mixture (because I did my colour in my hometown, Penang, but haircut in KL).

I was quite happy with the fade off results, many have been asking about the colour of my hair. I went to Beijing, and was queue-ing to buy train ticket, surprisingly a lady walk to me and ask "What's the colour of your hair, it's so beautiful.", until the extend that a stranger stand out just to ask me about hair colour :)) 

The only problem about being blonde is that I need to do touch up frequently, in months, other than that, I just love seeing myself in blonde :D What do you think? Hehee.

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