Rent a car in Ipoh with Convi Car, by PromoteLa.

10:40:00 PM

I am honour enough to have join Mari Lah Ipoh Campaign organize by PromoteLa app, I have a wonderful trip arranged by every of PromoteLa merchant :)

PromoteLa app is own by ScapTime, which literally means Schedule Appointment Time. This app is currently made available in Google Play Store, and is coming soon available in Apple App Store in September 2016.

What is good about PromoteLa app?

PromoteLa helps to promote your brand like no where else. A blue ocean strategy bring your business out from red price war. F&B, Beauty, Salon, Car rental, Accommodation let's the expert promote your brand awareness to online presence tremendously.

Good News!

Now you can make any reservation through PromoteLa app with this promo code "MistanIzzy17E718" to get additional discount or freebies! Do not miss out this chance :)

Talking about my trip to Ipoh, I took a train from KL Sentral and disembarked at Ipoh station. While I exit through the door, I was warmly welcome by PromoteLa's crew. As soon as we walk out, cars were made available by Convi Car for us to go.

If you ever planning to go Ipoh, and all you want is to skip all the traffic jam on the highway, and yet you need a car to drive around in Ipoh, this is it, book your car with Convi Car

Or if your car broke down any where in Ipoh, Convi Car provide tow & repair services as well as they can instantly deliver a temporary car for your stay in Ipoh.

Car Rental Price List as follow, book min 3 days to get cash back :
Kelisa - 1 day RM 80 X 3 = RM 240, Cash Back RM 40 ;
Myvi  - 1 day RM 120 X 3 = RM 360, Cash Back RM 60;
Grand Livinia  - 1 day RM 280 X 3 = RM 840, Cash Back RM 90;

If you book through PromoteLa app with promo code "MistanIzzy17E718", additional 5% will be given plus the cash back :
Kelisa - 1 day RM 76 X 3 = RM 228, Cash Back RM 40 ;
Myvi  - 1 day RM 114 X 3 = RM 342, Cash Back RM 60;
Grand Livinia  - 1 day RM 266 X 3 = RM 798, Cash Back RM 90;

Note : Booking made through app with promo code will get additional 5% even just for 1 day.

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