Customize your Travel Memories into Photobook Online.

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As easy as only clicking, you can now own a very own design photobook by yourself online. Unlike the old good times, when we used to have only film cameras, which requires you to flash the film to a shop to print out those photos in whichever size that you prefer. Although film camera still in business nowadays, but how many of us actually still using it? LOL. 

Here, I would like to recommend Photobook Malaysia, as I've been using it for years since 2011. With their improved platform, it has makes thing easier for their customers! I remember my first time using Photobook, you'll need to download a software in order to design and create your photobook, however, now you can choose to edit everything online! Start a book, choose your preference ( softcover, hardcover, size etc ), upload photos, edit, save and purchase. If you can't finish editing the book for the day, you can save and continue later too.

You can also track your orders, as well as edit or change your online projects. If you are printing a memories together with your friends, you may duplicate the project and make a same purchase.

After you've done all design on all pages, you just need to click on ORDER. You don't have to worry if the pictures sizes too small, or too blur as it will automatically check through all the photos when you click on ORDER. If anything goes wrong, there will be a message telling you existing problems.

Why Photobook Malaysia?

They are so efficient that you will receive your goods within 7 days upon successful order with 100% quality guarantee.

Not only photobook, they do all kinds of printing as well. For example, business cards, calendar, photo gifts (mug, coaster, pet tags, luggage tags etc. ), and even home decor!

Good News!

Photobook Malaysia will always have promotion up to 80% through out the year. Some times, when I scroll on Groupon, they give out FREE, yes you read it right, its FREE, you just need to pay for shipping fees!

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  1. I plan to buy something similar for my friend's bday, this seems like a good suggestion :)

  2. Good site design I would say! Convenient and easy to use..

  3. Thanks for the tips and guide. I might try to create my own photobook soon.

  4. I did a photobook before. But, the quality doesn't meet my expectation. Wish they can improve.

  5. I already did my photobook three times!! hehe...