4 Days in Siem Reap.

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If you've been working hard through out the year, and you never really rest, you wanted a short getaway and yet you don't want to spend too much money, Cambodia is exactly the best choice! :)

Why I said so? Here, our trip to Siem Reap in 4 days, spending only less than MYR 600 per person with all included. Yes, with all I mean flight + hotel + transport + tour and I still left with some dollars! ( Back in May 2015, when USD was below MYR4 )

I am pretty sure that you've heard about FREE SEAT that happens yearly with AIRASIA right? If you think this is some kind of fraud advertisement, you are truly wrong! Now, let me show you the truth :-

We booked this through AIRASIAGO, in case you didn't know the difference, AIRASIA and AIRASIAGO are actually 2 different pages, the one with GO makes booking together with accommodation, you get to choose which hotel you wanted to stay in a cheaper rate. So here's the price :-

I couldn't believe my eyes for seeing this price, RM350.42 per PERSON for flight and hotel :) Who the hell would reject this promotion huh? 

The hotel that we stay name Reflections Art Boutique Hotel, location is perfect as the old market is only within walking distance, I kind of like the room however the one that I stay has some smell from the toilet drain, other than that it was good :) Transport from Airport to Hotel was arranged by the Hotel itself, I was a little surprise with the transport as it was a Tuk-tuk, LOL. But who cares? We were all ready for this hot weather, after all it's CAMBODIA!

We booked our tour online hence we never worried about the day after, but if you haven't do so, don't worry as there will be a few travel agents waiting at the hotel gate trying to approach you with tour options, however they weren't so happy with us when we mentioned we have already done our booking online, but I don't care, we were 8 person, we need a mini van instead of Tuk-Tuk! More over, it could be cheaper to book through online.


After checked in into our hotel, we walked to the old market for food hunting and not to forget, drink-drank-drunk xD


Started our day with famous Beng Mealea Temple ruins, it was indeed a big one! One thing good about following a local tour, you get to understand more about the ruins through the tour guide :) and it's always good to have a young and handsome guide who knows how to take a good shot LOL, what more, he knew a lot of hidden places! That is like an "EXTRA".

Follow by that, we stop to have our lunch in some restaurant introduced by the guide, Cambodia restaurant served quite a pricey food though, minimum of USD 6 for a meal, well understand that they only earn tourist money though. 

You will spot a lot of this bamboo sticky rice along the road, I can't resist and ask for a stop to buy this, sorry imma food hunter :D Like it much!

And then, our next station was to catch sunset at Bakheng Mountain, a very good routine, a very little slope walk up to the hill after meal. Exercise! My advise would be go as early as you can, there were a lot of tourist queue-ing, as the temple on top of the hill only allow certain amount of people enter, and you are allow to go in only after one is out! There's no time limit for how long you can stay up, if everyone were to stay until the sun is set, then you will not be able to catch the sunset.

DAY 3On this particular day, we need to woke up 4 in the morning to catch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, bear in mind that not everyone get to see a very perfect sunrise as of the photos you've seen online, it all depends on your luck!

Angkor Wat is a very huge temple complex located in Cambodia, it is the largest religious monument in the World, hence it is impossible to finish touring Angkor Wat in a day, however this day, the tour guide is going to bring us to those famous temples, I was kind of confuse with these temples but the architect and handcraft was AMAZING!

The last day of our trip, we woke up in the morning to enjoy our breakfast in the hotel while waiting for our pick up time to the airport. We book our airport transport with the tour guide as it's easier for us with luggage. Last but not least, not to forget a JUMP SHOT ;)

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  1. i was there last year end :) totally an amazing experience to visit those temples and watch sunrise at angkor

  2. Thanks for the travel inspiration! Free seats by airasia is on the go, time to grab some I guess!

  3. wish to visit angkor wat in one day.all look so enjoying the trip.

  4. wow! I like your travel post here as it recalled my travel time in Siem Reap many years ago :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. glad that you took off to see Beng Mealea and visit Bakheng Mountain. Few of the best places to avoid the crowd

  6. Siem Reap is such a beautiful place on its own way.

  7. Love the pictures you took on Bakheng.. sunrise is lovely... I was there at sunset and it was really super crowded... LOL

  8. Great photos! You looked like you had a great trip. Need to look out for free seats!