Hanangell the Skin Booster.

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Talking about skin booster, my knowledge about it is one kind of injection onto your face skin in order to hydrate your skin with immediate effect. When I heard about it, my reaction was like "whaaattt?" injection?! Nowayyyy man :(

And then, I was introduce to this new product name Hanangell, which is a syringe of skin booster to apply it on skin without injection :) It helps to hydrate, smooth and moisture skin, and what more, a syringe equals to 10 sheets of face masks, how amazing is that! It's made with the Korea's latest advanced beauty technology, and the main components of this skin booster are made up from hyaluronic acid and collagen, truly appropriate for all skin types.

There are 11 effects of this skin booster such as :
- Anti-oxidant
- Improves skin tone
- Reduced melanin
- Hydrating
- Fades acne scars
- Refines pores
- Anti-wrinkles
- Firms skin
- Soothes allergy
- Repairs basal cells
- and deep cleansing.

How to use it :
Remove from the package, and it looks like a syringe. Open up both upper and lower cover, you will see something looks like a star on the head, twist to cut it off and it's ready to use :) 

Apply appropriate amount on your palm, and spread it over your face. Massage in a circular motion in order for the skin to absorb fast and then tap to dry. I apply it first after my facial cleansing basically because I felt a very mild stickiness on my face, probably I applied too much LOL, and then follow by my toner so that I don't feel the stickiness :) Sorry, I am quite frustrated if my skin gets even just a very mild feeling of sticky. It leaves my skin feeling moisture and fresh, and yes, it does smells like H2O actually haaaaaa.

I've been using it for a week, and I am quite satisfied with it, if you ever read about my daily beauty routine, I did mention that I have a very sensitive skin that react fast to heavy chemicals cosmetics, but this is perfect for my skin :) 

If you're interested, do not hesitate to contact info.evemagic@gmail.com or facebook page ID 1249550771725604.

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