Great Deal of iVideo Pocket Wifi when Travel to Japan!

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When pocket wifi becoming an essential item for travelling, all you need is to find a great deal that is available before starting your trip, that's what I did all the time :)

Nonetheless, this time before my journey to Japan I did a little research online and came across about iVideo Pocket Wifi Rental service. I like how easy and convenient it is to rent from iVideo, more over, they have promotion frequently and it's really worth it!

Their current on going promotion for Japan with Best Price Guarantee, as low as $1.79 per day!

Ex:"(Early Bird) Softbank 4G LTE Pocket WiFi". No overages, flat fee of $5.98 a day.
Original 5-Days price is $14.95. After special offer discount, just $8.95. Just $1.79 per day!

Ex:"(Early Bird) Softbank 4G LTE Pocket WiFi" No overages, flat fee of $5.98 a day.
Original 10-Days price is $29.9. After special offer discount, just $23.9 Just $2.39 per day!

Making a rental booking is easy, just a few steps and you're done :

Firstly, click here to register as a member and log on with your newly registered ID, you may include my email address on reference part :) - imwernling@gmail.com

Choose your travel destination.

Choose the plan that you wish to rent.

Click on RENT.

Check out and choose the way you wish to collect the Pocket Wifi.

After making payment, you'll then receive a confirmation email.

As I choose to be delivered to my hotel, here I receive a shipment information too. Returning is simply easy, there is an extra folder in the package with a ready stick-on return address, all you need to do is to seal up the Pocket Wifi bag in the folder and drop in any nearby mail box that you could find on your last day!

Overall I had 15 days in Japan and I was quite satisfied with iVideo Pocket Wifi, as I travel to a few countryside places and even up on the mountain but it stays connected all the time.

I had experience whereby I went to a concert in Seoul, there were too many Pocket Wifi around I suppose and the line just get gone, couldn't even connect on Whatsapp and it was a mess as I can't contact my friends.

I am glad that this time, iVideo recommended me SoftBank for my Japan trip and it works well even when I went in to a concert in Osaka :)

Check out iVideo for more exclusive promotion and updates from their websitehttps://www.ivideo.com.tw/english/ or Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/iVideoWiFi/

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