Kyoto Guesthouse Kazariya, Stay in A Traditional Japanese House.

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Indeed, Kyoto is a very popular city in Japan with its remarkable scenery attracting not only tourists, but also local Japanese. Many people like to plan for a day trip from Osaka to Kyoto, well I should say Kyoto has more to offer than just a day trip!

In a popular city like Kyoto, no doubt there must be a lot of accommodations available for tourists, but why Guest House Kazariya

Guest House Kazariya is a traditional Japanese style home stay that offer a very affordable price. This guest house is not big, it is a 2 storey house with only 4 of private rooms and female dormitory with a very nice indoor garden.

Bathroom and toilet is on share basis, although it might look very old as it is a traditional old Japanese house, but I should say they kept it well clean :) Perhaps the yellow light is a little dim. Oh, kitchen is open for use to everyone! You can cook if you want to.

It located not far away from Kyoto Station, with a fair walk of 15 minutes. Alternatively, if you have one day bus pass or subway pass, Guest House Kazariya is close to Gojo Station of subway KARASUMA-line.

From Kyoto Station :
By Walk, please walk to north on Karasuma street, and turn left at the intersection of Karasuma-Gojo. From the intersection, walk to west on Gojo street(100m).

By Subway, take subway KARASUMA Line, please get off at GOJO station.(exit of No.4) - 210yen

By Bus, take bus No. 5, 26, 57, or 101, please get off at KARASUMA-GOJO bus stop - 220yen

Kyoto is famous for travelling around by the sightseeing bus, therefore you don't need to worry about walking too far for bus station or subway. Nearby there is also a Family Mart, 7-Eleven Mcdonald's and many restaurants. 

Guest House Kazariya staffs are very friendly and nice too, they do sell Kyoto one day bus pass! I asked quite a lot of questions about bus information, as I really feel confuse with the different route :D And they were being very helpful on searching which bus number I should take.

For more information, please visit their website http://www.kazari-ya.com/index-e.html or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/guesthouse.KAZARIYA

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