Should you go for a facial treatment, or not?

12:46:00 AM

It has been quite a good question when comes to facial treatment, whether to do it or not. I remember I had my first facial treatment back in 2009 when I was 19 years old, and I had no idea how does facial treatment works at all, I just went together with my friends. I couldn't forget my first painful process of clogged pores extraction!

My mum strongly disagree of having facial treatment because my elder brother was having a bad acne problems during his teenage, and his acne turned out becoming more serious due to the effects from extraction.

I am not sure about the serious acne problems, but for myself, getting the clogged pores clean did helps a lot! To get rid of those stubborn black and white heads, the only ways to deeply clean it is only by extraction. Beauty is a painful journey I would say :)

After I came across to my first facial treatment, I started to learn a little by little about skincare, every time my beautician will give advise about my skin, and I do, learn a lot from their professionalism.

My skin has been all time good even though I used to have a lot of pimples during my secondary school time, but about half a year ago, back in July 2015, when Malaysia were having a very serious haze issue, I am not sure if this is the reason, it trigger my skin and I started to have a lot of clog pore and then I got break out!

If you see this picture carefully, you'll notice blemish on my lower cheek  :(

Why I said so? Even my beautician said many of her customers are having break out recently, and my friend too, who has a very nice skin all the while, was having break out at the time.

Break out is really annoying in any way, I guess no body like to see it. I am really upset with it, I don't really use concealer, but due to the break out, I started to put on thicker and thicker concealer because I hate to see it. I do a lot of research online, and trust me, in every stupid way I TRIED LOL.

What I wanted to say is that, find a good beautician, and it really, HELPS. I really love my beautician, and the way she clean up every of my clog pores without using , like a usual treatment took 2 hours, and she spent 3 hours to do for me.

Your skin feels you, your body listen to you, control your diet and never be lazy to take care of your skincare routine! Believe it or not, I put on Aloe Vera Gel as a soothing mask for 15 minutes DAILY, yes, I mean each and every day!

The hard work gets paid off, although it took me almost 4-5 months to start clearing the blemishes, and now about 6-7 months I can FINALLY walk out confidently without any BB Cream or foundation like I used to be! :)

Never be lazy and never ever give up! You'll achieve what you've been working on for, read more about my Beauty Routine HERE.

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